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  1. Almost like new, Vocas MB-430 with swing away, French flags, side flags, donut, and 15mm rails. $1000. Here's a link to my ad on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/KJFfKgvjRdb If you are in SoCal, we can meet up in person. DM me here, or contact me via OfferUp.
  2. I have a Vocas MB-430 matte box for sale with all accessories (swing away, top/side flag kit/donut, rails). It fits up to three 4x5.65" filters with two rotating trays. Swing away makes lens changes easy. It's in mostly like new condition since I don't rent my stuff. You can contact me here or go through Ebay. $1300. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333613086342
  3. Exiting the business and selling off this last bit of kit. Please see my Ebay listing for details. I include all accessories with the deal, so it's a ready-to-shoot package. Ebay listing for Vocas MB-430 I'm also open to direct deals with local pickup in Southern California.
  4. I'm selling my Vocas MB-430 matte box with the LW 15mm swing away, donut, and French flag accessories. It's pretty much like new since I baby my stuff. You can buy it off Ebay, or DM me for a direct purchase and/or pickup in the Southern California area. The matte box fits up to 3 standard Panavision size filters. The quick release is awesome. I'm exiting the business, so everything must go. Ebay Listing
  5. I'm selling a fully outfitted Vocas MB-430 matte box. It comes with the French flag kit, swing away, and donut accessories. Great piece of kit in mostly like new condition, but I'm leaving the biz. You can DM me for remote purchase, visit me in person in Southern California, or purchase it off Ebay (linked below). Ebay link
  6. I am exiting the business and selling my Vocas MB-430 matte box bundle. It holds up to three 4"x5.65" (Panavision standard) filters with two rotating trays. This includes the matte box, French flag kit, donut, 15mm rails, and swing away bracket. You can buy it through Ebay, DM me here, or we can meet up in the Southern California or Seattle areas. The setup is pretty much like new. I am the original owner and do not rent out my equipment. Here's the link to the Ebay listing with pictures. Vocas matte box listing on Ebay
  7. Originally $2900 (with swing away, donut, and flag kit added on - normally NOT included in purchase). This auction is for an MB-430 matte box with the French flag, lens donut, and 15mm rail swing away accessories. The matte box is mostly like new with a few minor scuffs around the 15mm rail mount points (for obvious reasons). It was gently used and never rented. I am the original owner. The matte box takes 4"x5.65" (Panavision standard) filters in the two rotating tray slots in back and can fit one extra filter at the front. The trays will fit 4"x4" filters as well. The front has movable "eye brows" to block additional light. Works great with any digital video or film camera and much less expensive than a fully outfitted ARRI. I've used both and like this one more. Alas, my production days are over and I want to offload equipment. It's up on Ebay at... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vocas-MB-430-Professional-Matte-Box-With-All-Accessories/333349174847?hash=item4d9d28be3f:g:nk8AAOSw2NBbS50B ...or you can message me directly. Will ship to the USA only.
  8. Element Technica Micron camera mount and Micron Dovetail system. The rails are LW15. The mount has a Shoulder Pad as well. It's a great system meant for Canon C-series cameras and Sony FS/F-series cameras. I've used it with C100, FS-700, and FS-7 cameras. $450. PM me to purchase it.
  9. Arri MFF-2 follow focus. It features a reversible gear box, so it works with ANY lens that has standard 0.8 mod gears. You can do the change over without any tools in the field. The mount is for LW15 rails. The follow focus has been gently used and is in excellent shape. I am the original owner. $1000. PM me to purchase it.
  10. Vocas MB-430 matte box with LW15 swing away mount, fabric donut, and French flag kit. Originally close to $3k. The matte box has been treated very gently and is in excellent shape - very few signs of use. It fits up to three 4" x 5.65" (Panasvision) sized filters. $1500. PM me to purchase it.
  11. Zeiss 21mm f/2.8 lens with optional lens gear. The manual aperture can be de-clicked upon request. It comes with an optional slip-on lens gear. The optics are rectilinear with very little distortion. It's a great lens for MoVi or Steadicam. Unlike most wide lenses, you don't have to worry about putting your talent in front of it. The lens has been treated very gently and is in like new condition. The mount works with ANY camera. I have tested it on Sony and Canon cameras. $1000. PM me to purchase it.
  12. Zeiss ZF.2 35mm f/1.4 lens with optional lens gear. The manual aperture can be de-clicked upon request. This lens is beautiful at f/2.8 in my opinion. It's been treated very gently and is in near new condition. The mount can be adapted to ANY camera. I have used it on both a Sony and Canon camera. $1200. PM me to purchase it.
  13. Element Technica Micron camera mount with LW 15mm rail mount, dovetail, padded shoulder mount, and riser plate. This works with most Sony F series cameras (FS700, FS-7, FS-5, F-5, F-55, F-3) and Canon C series cameras (C100, C200, C300, C500). The mount is in great shape with only a few minor scuffs to the anodization. Works great, but I don't have access to an FS-7 camera anymore. :( This is being sold as a complete set, so don't ask me to part is out. PM me for details. This is a duplicate listing because I can't delete the original and this is a better picture of the camera mount.
  14. Metabones adapter is sold. 21mm and 35mm lenses are still available.
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