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  1. Sweet. Got it fixed. Dom it was as you suspected, the feed spindle lock was still up and the roll of film wasn't quite pressed down far enough. Rookie mistake... Thanks for the help!
  2. Hey folks, Slightly urgent issue here. I've just loaded an SR3 magazine and when I close the first door the film advance wheel (not sure what it's called) is very hard to wind. The other two I loaded spooled the film out quite easily. Should there be a lot of stick when winding the film out? Cheers for the help.
  3. Hey gang, I've got a roll of expired Kodak 500T EXR 7296 in my fridge here that I'd love to shoot. Trouble is it's a) pretty freaking old and b) probably hasn't been kept in a cool, dry place for a large part of its life. This particular film was discontinued in 1995 but could have been made anytime between then and 1989. Naturally there are too many variables to really know how it'll look but is there anything I should keep in mind if I want to shoot it? Rate it faster? Slower? Any thoughts would be great. Cheers, James.
  4. Any more news on this gents? Just sent an email to Werner's email but it bounced back saying the email doesn't exist! Would love to know as I'll have 1200ft of stock to develop come the end of next week.
  5. Nice, thanks Adrian.
  6. What's the FDD? Thanks!
  7. Hey folks, I'm shooting a music video on an SR3 soon with some superspeeds. I had a look through the viewfinder the other day, wide open at t 1.3 and I 'seemed' to be able to pick the focus fairly accurately. I don't want to eyeball the whole shoot however and get back soft rushes. Has anyone judged focus by eye and been ok? Or should I always be measuring? By the way, I'm not going to be shooting the clip at t1.3! Cheers!
  8. Cheers for that. Seems odd that Kodak would put that on there. Presumably a DP knows that an 85 filter is going to cut light.
  9. Hey gang, I've got a roll of 500t Kodak 16mm that says to rate at 500 in tungsten light and at 320 in daylight. Is this just calculating for light loss with an 85 filter for me? I've also got some Fuji Eterna 500t that doesn't say this on the tin. What's the dealio? Cheers! James
  10. The West Coast of.... America? I've actually been pricing sending the stock to FotoKem in Burbank. Could wind up being cheaper, including the shipping. Storage medium? Just onto a hard drive.
  11. Hey guys, Apologies if it's been covered already. I'm in talks with a post house here in Melbourne, Australia to get some 16mm film scanned to a 2K ProRes file so I can edit it. She is telling me that the telecine process is $450/hour then the 'digitisation' is an additional $250/hour. I was under the impression that telecine IS the digitisation of film? Am I wrong on this one? Is it a two stage process? If it is then what would be the point of doing a telecine without the aforementioned 'digitisation'? Thanks again!
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