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  1. Here's my first ever music video on which I was the dp/director/post-pro. The song is in Croatian, but that shouldn't be a problem for feedback on the technical side .
  2. Check this out https://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/2013/05/lighting-day-exteriors/
  3. This looks nice, but as Albion said, the reference does seem softer and darker so you could maybe try using a book light, it will soften it more and of course darken it since you are bouncing and diffusing light
  4. So one day I was bored and I decided to shoot a film all by myself, which meant acting and I'm not that good at it
  5. I know that I can't get anything I need for cheap, that's why I'm making myself a rig, not buying it. :) Also I think that I will get my self a SmallHD DP4 from ebay.
  6. I already made an offset rig and I don't like it, but that didn't stop me from using it for a couple of years until I destroyed the screw holes for the baseplate.
  7. Hi, I'm making myself a shoulder rig and since the camera will be right on my shoulder there is no way for me to view the back LCD so I looked for an inexpensive EVF solution (don't want a monitor, unless someone is selling a SmallHD DP4) and just couldn't find any. They are all in the $500+ range which is quite expensive for me considering that I'm 16. So do you guys have any recommendations? Does anybody have an idea for a DIY solution (I was thinking about getting a 3" monitor and then attaching a loupe to it)? Hope you can help :)
  8. Here's my DP/Cinematography reel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abKSvEEccPw&list=PLL3qI-HZQuwf7lbC4TAvRwBKEPq0KsErJ&index=3 Tell me what you think. :)
  9. Thanks. The digital look you are talking about was there because the director wanted it. The last shots with the girl were shot on the BMCC while everything else is on Canon DSLRs with a lot of different picture styles.
  10. Here's my color grading reel: https://vimeo.com/88596271 Feedback is always appreciated. :)
  11. It seems that the Film PS adds a lot of browns which is probably why it isn't matching that well. Try using the neutral PS with sharpness and contrast all the way down and put the saturation 2 notches down. That will give you a nice flat image, although I think that you will need to boost the saturation a bit to make it match the saturation of the GH3.
  12. If you are using Adobe CC for post production you have shot matcher in Speedgrade. It works really good (you can use it to match a grade from a movie you like to your movie), give it a shot. If you are not using Adobe CC there are probably some more stuff like that, but my reccomendation would be to shoot flat (neutral flat, not Cinestyle) so that you can match it in post (use scopes). Also try to calibrate the WB shift of both cameras so that the white is true white for both cameras. Also, why are you using the 5D as B cam?
  13. Use DeltaVision, it is awesome. I used it for a short on which I was a DP and it looked amazing.
  14. You could also do sky replacement in post. This isn't my favorite since I like to get as most as possible in camera, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and you can also make the sky looking just the way you want it to look with this method.
  15. Bounce the light on to the subject so that you can darken the image and still have the subject properly exposed. Also using log picture styles on dslrs isn't the best thing to do since they are usung an incerted conrast curve so you will get banding and noise issues.
  16. Oops, accidentaly posted 2 topics. Sorry. It can be deleted.
  17. Just listed my Canon 70-300 F4-5.6 in the Marketplace for $450. It's in great condition!

  18. Selling a used Canon EF 70-300mm F4-5.6 lens for 450$. Shows little signs of use (see the pictures for details). Works like new. Possible trade for other filmmaking gear with a similar price.
  19. Selling a used Canon EF 70-300mm F4-5.6 lens for 450$. Shows little signs of use (see the pictures for details). Works like new. Possible trade for other filmmaking gear with a similar price.
  20. Hi, here are some of my shorts. This one was just me testing the Canon 550D, but I think that it turned out OK considering it was a test and my 2nd short: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG1L6CmeSAE This one was an assignment for a workshop I attended (my 4th short): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYpSasiC474 This one is just the first scene of a longer movie that will never reach the internet (this is my favorite one): And finally another one on which I did half of the camera work and I also edited, did coloring and VFX on it: http://vimeo.com/74527145 I'd like to hear your oppinion on these shorts, if you have any tips feel free to post them. :)
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