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  1. so what dou you think i should do? i found something is it okay if i do that? ambient sound -12 db to -18 db music : -18 db I want background music,not like music videos or something like that.So what do you say?
  2. When i open adobe premiere its on the right bottom...I dont know which one but i can show you what i look at...
  3. I am just considering for the film festivals and i am worried about it is too low...I know that it isn't too high when i see the bar. I dont know its right or wrong but i am keeping the two of them between -30 and -18...
  4. Hi, i've completed my short film.It is non-dialogue film.Only music and ambient sound.I have a problem about audio level.I am using Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.Since i have no dialogue what decibel should i use for my ambient sound and music? i hope i've explained my problem correctly
  5. I think i take my chance 1:85,thanks for all
  6. I am using adobe premiere.Yes i shot with my dslr 16:9 not anamorphic.The problem is i didnt think about cropping when i shot this.So if i crop top and bottom,the film would look very bad.Can i do it without cropping the video?
  7. Hello i shot a movie with my dslr.In the camera settings i chose 16:9 aspect ratio.But when it come to editing i cant export widescreen.What should i do,can i export widescreen in any way?Here is my video media info :
  8. Hello i am shooting dslr video.When it comes to watching i've got very different results.When i watch with vlc player the video is darker and when i watch with gom player it is much less darker.So getting accurate result from my video which player should i use or maybe should i only use Adobe Premiere to watch videos?
  9. What about doing everything in post? i mean masking or vignetting?
  10. By the way i will use it only for shooting movie,not for photography.So image stabilizer is not important for me.Sharpness and compatibilty are the only important things for me
  11. Hello i am planning to buy Canon 70d + Tamron 17-55 f2.8 lens.What do you think,is it good choice?Another alternative is Sigma 17-50 f2.8... I heard from the forums that tamron lenses causing problem with Canon 70d video mode.
  12. Thank you.I prefer wider angle than long zoom lens. I am considering -Tamron 17-50 f2.8 non vc version(because i am mainly using tripod) or -Tamron 28-75 f2.8 I dont know which one is sharper.What do you think about these two?
  13. Hello i have purchased Canon 7d only for short film shooting.I use analog camera for taking photos so i am not going to use Canon 7d for photography. I am student so my budget is limited and i can buy only one lens for shooting movie.That would be useful if i purchase one sharp zoom lens and of course considering x1.6 crop factor. So which lens do you suggest me? ( one important thing for me is that it must be f.2.8 )
  14. Hello i am now shooting a black and white movie...Imagine an empty dark room with no light ( i mean we cannot see the walls etc..) but only a woman's face.The woman sitting centre of the room and except woman's face,everything is dark. How can i create something like that? Maybe as an example in the photo,not just like that but a reference maybe...
  15. Hello,i shot my short film with Canon 7d.In post production i opened up project setting "digital slr 1080p 24 fps" and i did all editing stuff.When it comes to exporting all of these,things get rough....Because in the export settings even if i choose 16:9,the video comes out not widescreen.No band at all anywhere...How can i create widescreen?
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