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  1. The switch needs to be on the "T" position when the grip is folded. "T" for tripod I guess. Francois
  2. Thanks to both of you! I really don't want to burn my troque motor, only have one. I will find an 2inches core and finally try that magazine! François
  3. Hi, I use Scotchlite series 680. A couple of years ago it came in 48 inches wide rolls, it might still be available, I did not check. I still have an unopened 48 " x 80 " roll for my next project. The series 680 was nice because it has no large "lens" as can be seen on some other product (like the ones used on highways) It is made of evenly distributed .006" glass beads. Even though you loose light shooting in a beam splitter, it is the way to go. Remember Scotchlite materials are best used when the camera is perfectly in line with the projected image. Their performance degrades quickly if your off just by a few degrees. Good luck! François
  4. Hi, Just a simple question, does a 400ft load fits in the Arri-16S external magazine if the take-up reel is a 3 inches core? Or do I absolutly need a 2 inches core ? Thank you! François
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