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  1. Phantom Flex 4K Body, Batteries, Computer, 10gb to Thunderbolt Adapter - $2,500/day 2TB Cinemag - $500/day Phantom Miro LC320s, 2 Cineflash, Batteries, Accessories, Macbook Pro - $1,500/day
  2. Instead of making a cut add two keyframes to the clip and have a gradual slow down. So first keyframe could be 5,000% and second would be 100%
  3. Hey Guys! Im new to this forum so just wanted to introduce myself. I work for Remedy Films based out of Atlanta Ga. We have a Phantom Miro, C300, and RED Scarlet that we also rent out. We do not require a tech for the miro and its rent out for $2,000 per day. If anyone has any questions just let me know. Here are some shots we got over the past year. http://vimeo.com/82326445
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