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    I am a film-making enthusiast.
  1. In Pakistan, there is a revival of cinema going on. It is being driven by a young group of filmmakers. I'll post some recent film trailers.
  2. You are welcome James. Thank you for appreciating :)
  3. and "The sound system and electric equipment which are over half a century old."
  4. In a small town Pakistan. http://www.dawn.com/news/1159328/a-cinema-harkens-to-golden-yesteryear
  5. I found it after 20 years. The Adventurers (1970)
  6. Greetings. When I was a child in the early 80s, I saw this movie and was totally blown away by it. BUT I don't remember the name of it. I am trying to figure the name but no luck. I've tried to search on netflix, but no luck. Maybe someone from this forum maybe able to remember/recognize that movie. Here is what I remember of the movie: 1. It was a late 1960s or 1970s movie. 2. About four guys trying to bring revolution in a South American country to over throw a military dictator. 3. I believe the dictator's name of General Kotyarus? 4. Movie was sound-dubbed in English (originally the film could be from Spain or a Latin American country?). Hint: It had this scene of a cable-cart (on a mountain) being blown killing the democratically elected official. I know its a long short, but maybe film buff will recognize it. Thank you guys.
  7. http://www.bolex.ch/NEW/?p=6 Their page tells price of everything but Bolex EL. Can you give me a rough estimate?
  8. Body only. and how much will the super-16 conversion cost?
  9. But before Bush leaves, he wants to attack Iran and start a whole new war :P
  10. Is there any shop in Chicago that sells 8mm & 16mm film cameras? I m especially interested in the 8mm Bolex H8 REX4 camera.
  11. Just curious. I haven't ever played with a Bolex EL.
  12. Is there a film clip I can watch that was shot using Bolex EL?
  13. I recently learned that Agfa also makes 35mm motion film, which they sell in 2000, 4012 & 6036 ft. Question is, has anyone used it? Is it good? http://www.agfa.com/en/sp/products_service...aprint_cp30.jsp
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