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  1. Here’s a short clip of the camera ~running~ https://youtu.be/jNR4EpEGd-k Thanks, Max
  2. Hi everyone, I’m currently near the end of an arduous Arri BL3 repair. I found and installed replacement belts—finally—only to discover that the camera has an electrical gremlin. The camera ticks over for about one frame before winding down and stopping. The camera is running off of a wall powered, 12V 10A power supply, so it’s got plenty of juice. From what I understand, most DC motors function off of a “start” and “run” capacitor. This would lead me to believe that the camera is in need of a “run” capacitor to take it beyond an initial jolt of movement. Is this a misdiagnosis? Or if I’m correct has anyone dealt with this problem before and can point to the location of the electrical component in need of replacement? Thanks so much, I’ll follow up with a short clip of the issue.
  3. I just bought a motor for my Arriflex 2b. It is an Arriflex 24f constant speed motor. When I held the two together, the gear in the center of the motor and the gear in the camera are nowhere near each other, and it looks like there is another gear that is missing. I noticed the cine60 base has an intermediate composite gear, is this the same case in the Arri motor? Can I still purchase one of these gears should they exist? Thanks, Max May DP and Writer: Buteo-Gallus Films
  4. I recently purchased an Eclair NPR with Perfectone motor from some one who doesn't know much about it. While practicing to adjust the shutter with some stripped clear film leaded in the mag, I noticed that the film gate covers the film aspect and one perforation side. Does this mean that the camera has been modified to super 16?
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