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    Red Epic, Canon 1d, 7d, hvx200
  1. Selling the Canon 1D Mark IV w/ PL Mount. I am using the Epic now more so I will no longer be needing this. Wanted to see what offers I got on here before I went to Ebay. No set price, so shoot me an offer. Thanks
  2. Im selling a set of 3 ARRI Master Primes. The 18mm T1.3, 32mm T1.3, and 65mm T1.3 are in excellent condition. Never rented. Available for inspection. Location: North Texas, 45 min north of Dallas. Im asking $55,000. The lenses come in a durable Innerspace lens case. Also willing to sell lenses individually. The best way to reach me is by email at: elliotovla@yahoo.com We purchased the master primes in late 2012, so we have had them almost two years. They have not been in for any service. One of the lens caps has a chip in it. Not sure how that even happened, but I included a photo of the plastic cap with its damage. Nothing major. The lens case has some wear, but a small wipe down will get it looking in great condition. I have included photos below.
  3. I have been giving AFI a lot of thought. I finished up my resume, and my narrative statement. I definitely am thinking about applying. I have been the director and cinematographer on everything I have ever done. So I am torn between the two at AFI. I know the directing admission deadline is already over. My big question to all of the AFI Alumni from the past 4 years is as a cinematographer, have you gotten steady business from studios? Also as a director, what have you gone on to accomplish? It is a huge deal to me to know this, as I am wanting to be on set working on major films. I currently own a advertising agency and have many documentaries, commercials, and a few narratives under my belt. Even films that went to film festivals and won awards. I am not satisfied with what I am doing and feel like I should be doing more. Is AFI worth it as a cinematographer? Is it more beneficial to apply as a Director? I'm just looking for advice before I make a huge step in my life. Thanks for your time.
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