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  1. so what dou you think i should do? i found something is it okay if i do that? ambient sound -12 db to -18 db music : -18 db I want background music,not like music videos or something like that.So what do you say?
  2. When i open adobe premiere its on the right bottom...I dont know which one but i can show you what i look at...
  3. I am just considering for the film festivals and i am worried about it is too low...I know that it isn't too high when i see the bar. I dont know its right or wrong but i am keeping the two of them between -30 and -18...
  4. Hi, i've completed my short film.It is non-dialogue film.Only music and ambient sound.I have a problem about audio level.I am using Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.Since i have no dialogue what decibel should i use for my ambient sound and music? i hope i've explained my problem correctly
  5. I think i take my chance 1:85,thanks for all
  6. I am using adobe premiere.Yes i shot with my dslr 16:9 not anamorphic.The problem is i didnt think about cropping when i shot this.So if i crop top and bottom,the film would look very bad.Can i do it without cropping the video?
  7. Hello i shot a movie with my dslr.In the camera settings i chose 16:9 aspect ratio.But when it come to editing i cant export widescreen.What should i do,can i export widescreen in any way?Here is my video media info :
  8. Hello i am shooting dslr video.When it comes to watching i've got very different results.When i watch with vlc player the video is darker and when i watch with gom player it is much less darker.So getting accurate result from my video which player should i use or maybe should i only use Adobe Premiere to watch videos?
  9. What about doing everything in post? i mean masking or vignetting?
  10. By the way i will use it only for shooting movie,not for photography.So image stabilizer is not important for me.Sharpness and compatibilty are the only important things for me
  11. Hello i am planning to buy Canon 70d + Tamron 17-55 f2.8 lens.What do you think,is it good choice?Another alternative is Sigma 17-50 f2.8... I heard from the forums that tamron lenses causing problem with Canon 70d video mode.
  12. Thank you.I prefer wider angle than long zoom lens. I am considering -Tamron 17-50 f2.8 non vc version(because i am mainly using tripod) or -Tamron 28-75 f2.8 I dont know which one is sharper.What do you think about these two?
  13. Hello i have purchased Canon 7d only for short film shooting.I use analog camera for taking photos so i am not going to use Canon 7d for photography. I am student so my budget is limited and i can buy only one lens for shooting movie.That would be useful if i purchase one sharp zoom lens and of course considering x1.6 crop factor. So which lens do you suggest me? ( one important thing for me is that it must be f.2.8 )
  14. Hello i am now shooting a black and white movie...Imagine an empty dark room with no light ( i mean we cannot see the walls etc..) but only a woman's face.The woman sitting centre of the room and except woman's face,everything is dark. How can i create something like that? Maybe as an example in the photo,not just like that but a reference maybe...
  15. Hello,i shot my short film with Canon 7d.In post production i opened up project setting "digital slr 1080p 24 fps" and i did all editing stuff.When it comes to exporting all of these,things get rough....Because in the export settings even if i choose 16:9,the video comes out not widescreen.No band at all anywhere...How can i create widescreen?
  16. Hello,i shot my short film color and i am going to turn it to black and white.So my question is,i am using adobe premiere both color correction and grading,so which effects should i use for correction and grading in adobe?I want to feel the black and white film look.There isn't any information on internet about black and white editing.So do you know any source or have you got and ideas?
  17. Hello friends, what do you think about deltavision? i will shoot short film with canon 6d or 5dmarkii,i havent decided yet but its not what i'm gonna ask. İ will shoot my film black and white,and i really like 35mm grainy look.Of course i know lighting is important if you create something like that,but technical things are important too.So what should i use? I havent found anything about DeltaVision(just some test shots) Cinestyle,Deltavision or something else to get the look what i want?
  18. Hello again, I am using 35mm slr cameras for a long time including darkroom(developing,printing etc..).But i also want to learn how film cameras work,i mean light measuring,focusing etc... So i decided to deal with the cheap ones actually. I am living in a city surrounded by only digital cameras.And when i ask somebody like this question above,they call me crazy and say buy Canon 5dMark ii and have fun.So it is difficult.And also renting film cameras like 16 or 35mm is so expensive that i can buy 35mm film camera from ebay.I am thinking to buy Arri iic or moviecam compact for my full lenght movie in the future...So making practise is important before starting my project.
  19. Thanks for your replies,appreciated... I think it is wise to buy 8mm film camera because my budget is limited (max 200US) . 8mm will cost me much less i think,including buying film etc....I will buy everything from international websites.So it must be accessible.And of course i want to find the lenses easily...I am thinking about Krasnogorsk by the way...
  20. Hello,first of all i am sorry for my broken English.I want to learn everything about film cameras-how can i load the film,how can i shoot etc...Of course my budget is not high for 35mm film cameras.So can you recommend me 8mm and 16mm cameras to understand and practise how they work.Thank you.
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