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  1. I just saw Independence Day Resurgence and I noticed film grain. I thought it was shot on film, but then i found out it was shot on Red Epic. Do you think they added the film grain to the image?
  2. Is it usual for hollywood movies/TV series to add grain in postproduction or is it a rare thing? I heard they do it for HBO's Vinyl (and I know there are lot of plugins for that), but I want to know if this a common for Hollywood.
  3. So all european movies needs to be coverted to 25 fps for TV and Blu-ray/DVD?
  4. Maybe stupid newbie question, but thank for the answer :)
  5. Steven Spielberg once said: "The cinematographers whom I admire most are the ones whose style I can't recognize from film to film. There are cinematographers who I could tell you in the first reel who it is without seeing the credits. There are others who remain full of surprises by always changing outward persona through allowing the story to suggest the visual style, not the other way around." What do you think about that? Are there any great cinematographers without distinctive style?
  6. BTW, where are hollywood filmmakers getting film? I heard Fuji has stopped production of film and Kodak probably too?
  7. Digital cameras are getting better every day. Why would you still shoot on film? I would like to read your opinions.
  8. Who are the most influential cinematographers of all time and why?
  9. This excerpt was from from a small section about controversial aspects of films on Blu-ray which are: 1) unseen limitations with the source material are revealed when viewing films in HD 2) presence of film grain (sometimes eradicated by terrible digital noise reduction)
  10. Interesting. Thank you for explanation.
  11. I am reading a book "A Light Affliction: a History of Film Preservation and Restoration" which says: During preparation for the Blu-ray release of The Wizard of Oz, technicians at Warners became aware that wire-work used for the Cowardly Lions tail and the winged monkeys would be clearly visible on the discs. The restorers sought the advice of Robert A. Harris who responded, "If 1939 audiences didnt see that wires when they saw the film in theatres, then present day audience shouldnt see them on Blu-ray". My question is: how is it possible that you can you see some details on HD which you cant see on the original film? This doesnt make sense to me. 35mm film has much higher resolution than HD, right?
  12. Short live action movies. Very low budget :) Just general tips.
  13. Any tips/books/video tutorials about shooting in exterior (mostly) with natural light (with low budget)?
  14. What is the best position to start? I have only experience with DSLRs and I dont know anything about shooting with Alexa or RED and all these high-eng gear, so I am a bit afraid I would look like an idiot on the set. What is the best place to start for me?
  15. Once I tried to use slide projector for lighting patterns (I put a small gobo instead of slide into the projector), it worked a bit better than work lights.
  16. Digital. Probably Canon 5DMII. Almost zero budget - I have some work lights and fluorescent lights only :)) I want to make interior more interesting and moody by creating all sorts of lighting patterns on the wall. I am thinking about this type of lighting: http://www.ffffilm.com/uploads/max1/snapshots/2011/02/shots/8f9c1477f234aad054467498b3d424a8e1ce0579-700.png http://www.canwestillbefriends.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Blood_Simple_1080p-06-e1315290841921.png https://tadleckman.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/blood_simple.png http://www.cinematographers.nl/FotosDoPh/HallConradL/InColdBlood2.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/6a/25/58/6a255838529bd1810300a4d16bd11cf5.jpg
  17. Do I need (out of my budget) fresnel lights for making light patterns on the wall etc. or is there a cheaper way??
  18. Thanks. This is from ACs article about Godzilla: "We wanted to use the C Series lenses because they accentuated the characteristics of anamorphic photography that Gareth likes so much." What are these anamorphic charasteristics? Does he mean anamorphic flares or something else?
  19. Is there any internet database of lenses. Some place where I can find out how old is particular lens?
  20. I am wondering how did they color grade movies photo-chemicaly in laboratory. I cant imagine how it was done without a computer.
  21. Thanks. Thats my Facebook nick name (I am logged through FB), I will try to change it.
  22. I am looking for a job in camera department. The problem is - most of the project are shot with Alexa or RED and my only experience is only with DSLRs. So I would like to learn more about Alexa and RED cameras. (I cant rent them, they are too expensive for me). Do you know about any books/workshops on the internet?
  23. I also mean the type of shot that challenged what had been experienced before (unusually lit, composed, postprocessed etc.).... I will give you an example - lens flares was typicaly avoided in moveis, but after Easy Rider many cinematographers use them regularly. Nestor Almendros was almost fired from Days of Heaven, because he constantly asked to turn offthe lights crew prepared for him, but then he won an Oscar for it. Any other examples? What are the most daring shots you saw in movies?
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