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  1. It was sort of a last minute decision to purchase Camtree 500 LED light for a low budget. We had very little money to rent a larger light kit for the days we needed so I figured I'd just purchase this light myself as well as for the production. Quality is fantastic. And I am very happy with my purchase. http://www.flycamshoppe.com/fc/CAMTREE-1pc.-500-LED-Light.html
  2. I bought Camtree Beam lite to brighten up my pictures at very less price. They're of lightweight and quality is also good.Very bright and Intensity is also very high. These LED Lights may fit in tight space. http://www.dvcity.com/dvshop/1pc-Beam-Lite-72-60-degree-LED-Flood-Light-Kit.html
  3. hey.. Why strobes only? You should go for LED lights. LED lights has replaced the strobes. LED is a professional technique for cinematographers. Fresnel lights are perfect for both video and photography. http://www.dvcity.com/dvshop/CAMTREE-SUN-6-LED-Fresnel-Light.html
  4. Camera stabilizing system plays very important role because it is an invaluable, dynamic production tool in the industry. It reduces blurring associated with the motion of a camera during exposure. Camera shake is particular problem at slow shutter speeds. Camera shake causes visible frame-to-frame jitter in the recorded video. Steadycam system meets film and video needs. Recently I purchased camtree wonder-3 for my camera. It is working perfectly and results produced are fantastic. http://www.flycamshoppe.com/fc/Camtree-Wonder-3-Handheld-Camera-Stabilizer.html
  5. Yes you are right, short sliders are going good now days, easy to carry and to put on shoulder. I am also using a slider. I bought this purely on the recommendation of my friend, and I was not disappointed at all. Quality is great and the slide is very smooth. I was incredibly pleased when I took it out of the box because of the construction of the slider and the awesome carrying case it came in. http://www.flycamdslr.com/hdvs/CAMTREE-3ft-Linear-Camera-Slider-C-S3-4010-with-Level-Feet.html
  6. As a professional Videographer and avid Photographer I've worked with (and owned) the best tripods money can buy. It's given that such equipment is a joy to use, not only from a functional standpoint but from the superb results that can be obtained. That said, most hobbyist shooters wouldn't seriously consider spending a small fortune for this type of gear even if the weight and size were practical. As most of my video/photo work is hobby related these days, I really do appreciate the quality. http://www.flycamdslr.com/hdvs/Proaim-75mm-bowl-head-Carbon-fiber-tripod-stand-CF-75-with-free-spreader.html
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