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  1. Hi! I'm shooting a Top Gear style promo in November and would love any tips anybody has on making it look as professional as possible. Thanks in advance. Matt Kerins Tealeaf Productions.
  2. £3800 and it's yours. This is the only price drop it's getting. Inbox me you lovely people!!! :)
  3. I will chuck in 2000ft of fuji 250D if bought before the new year!
  4. Hey pal, no I'm afraid I have to sell it together. I can sort you out a deal if you are interested in the whole kit though. I am willing to take offers. Thanks Matt
  5. Just putting the feelers out there. Selling this absolute beautiful piece of equipment. I will put pics up later. Just want to see if it gets any interest. - 1 x Moviecam Compact (fully working and newly serviced!) - 2x Battery Package (switchable between 12V and 24V) - 2 x Batterycharger (International Primary : 110V - 250V) - 2x 400' Magazine(fully working, new battery for digital display) - 1x 1000' Magazine (fully working, new battery for digital display) - 1x Color Video Assist (Original CEI) - 1 x Video Color Monitor with SDI - 1 x Monitor Arm (Shoemount) - 1 x Long Eyepiece!! (eyepiece is heated) - 1 x Cameratool - 1 x Groundglass: 1:1,85 Normal - 1 x Groundglass: 1:1,85 Super35 - 1 x Groundglass: 1:1,78 Normal - 1 x Groundglass: 1:2,35 Scope - 1 x Remote - 1 x Speedbox - 1 x Complete Parts Handbook Everything comes in huge strong cases. Yorkshire based. Bradford/Leeds specifically. £4500 O.N.O. Inbox me :) Thanks.
  6. I'm after a 2-perf 35mm. Just wondering if there are any floating about! based in England. Cheers Matt
  7. Any cheap PL lenses going in the UK? Cheers Matt
  8. Hi! I've got a 35mm Moviecam compact and I'd love to get it up and about. I just want to know where I'd advertise it for rental? Based in West Yorkshire. Cheers in advance Matt
  9. Ahh thanks, ok, I can't afford a tape recorder though. What about them blackmagic hyperdeck ones? would they work? Also is 1080p the highest resolution you can record without the use of arriraw? Cheers Matt
  10. I'm totally stumped how the D-21 works. I'm also thinking of getting one because it produces beautiful images, and i've also found a cheap one. However i'm not familiar with working with external recorder and have no clue how they work! I've done some googling on the subject and can't seem to learn anything. How do you get the best out of the camera without paying for an arriraw recorder? Cheers Matt
  11. Thanks guys. And Robert this is my issue. I want to produce consistent top quality results at as little cost as possible. Given this I understand you have to put the money in to get the results. So I'm gonna have a look at economic ways to get hold of the equipment necessary. My problem at the moment is knowing exactly what equipment I need. Thanks again Matt
  12. By the way I took your advice and I feel much better about the length and the flow, I feel like it works better, especially with the music change. I was just honest with myself and thought which clips were worthy and i'm happy with this result. Thanks again Matt
  13. I've just edited one together and finished it now, cheers for the interest pal. Thanks Matt
  14. yeah, well I have the space, I understand this aspect as like I said I've had experience developing photos. I'm more interested in getting an inventory checklist for a film lab so I know what I'm supposed to get. I don't mind doing 400' at a time, I want to process it in the best quality too Cheers Matt
  15. I am planning on getting a film scanner and if it were possible and cheap enough, I'd like to process the film properly in a darkroom at home, I've processed stills many times before and would like to know details of each stage. Thanks in advance Matt
  16. Thanks for your feedback Freya, upon watching it over and over with a fresh mind thinking about these points, it's very clear that it is contrasted in quality greatly, the black and white interview shot's are not very good, i should've thought about the quality rather than just sticking what I thought should fit in there. Thanks again I will upload a revised version after I finish the project I'm currently working on. Thanks again Matt
  17. Thanks alot for your feedback mate I really appreciate it. I definitely agree with you, i felt there was something missing, it is definitely too long and needs a lot of refining. Flattered by your compliments mate, your reel is amazing, some great lighting and composition in there. I especially liked the basketball one, I felt the tone was perfect and the composition is great. Thanks again for your comment pal! Matt https://www.facebook.com/tealeafp?fref=ts
  18. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Matt.
  19. I would just like to know the cheapest PL lenses that are available in the UK. Cheers!
  20. Hi! I'm doing my dissertation on film vs digital. I've done my research and would love to hear people's opinions. If anybody knows any industry professionals that would like to help me out that would be great. Just to simply offer their opinion on the matter. My question is just Film vs digital, the advantages and disadvantages of each one, which is superior? and why? What do you prefer? and why? Thanks alot in advance. :) Cheers Matt
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