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  1. I've heard that using a 28mm lens is the secret focal length to get that movie look on a 35mm sensor. Is there a Fstop equivalent that people use most of the time while trying to get the film look. Right now I have blackmagic production camera and sigma art 1.4 lenses. I usually shoot at F2.8 but I think the depth of field is too shallow to mimic what true cinema looks like. If any of you more experienced cinematographers have any suggestions to what specific Fstop or Fstop range you think should be used in film please let me know . So far I've been studying cinematography for a year now on my own.
  2. So I've been trying to figure out what computer I should buy for the past month and I can't come to any conclusion. My budget is $5,000. I want to use it mainly for running DaVinci and after effects to edit 4k raw and 2.5k raw from blackmagic cameras. I was thinking about getting the Imac with all the upgrades or the Mac pro, but I still can't decide.
  3. Would it be a good Idea to pull out my student loans to buy the new red scarlet dragon? Currently I'm in my 4th of year of college( it's going to take me 5 years to graduate). I go to a small school in Missouri with 12,000 students and the film department at the school has been weak and disappointing thus far. So almost everything I know about film making and cinematography has been stuff I've had to learn on my own I started cinematography last year and I'm still learning lots of new things about filming/ color grading weekly. 8 months ago I was shooting all my videos on a gopro, then I decided that I need to upgrade my gear if I want to seriously pursue cinematography so I bought a Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Now I want to upgrade my gear again but this time I am going for the best. So I decided to save up and get the Red Dragon Scarlet. I have the great fortune of having College completely paid for. I am really good at track and field so my athletic scholarship pays all my fees and covers my costs of living. So my plan is to just pull out all my student loans for 2 years so I can get a Red Dragon. Personally I don't like having anything hold me back in life. My mindset from playing sports so long has made me become obsessed with the things I do. For the past 3 years I've been able to jump higher and further than everyone in the state of Missouri and I get mad if anybody beats me or get close. I want to aim to be the best at cinematography also. I get angry and frustrated when things are not perfect or close to perfection on video. Ultimately I want to know if this would be a good way to turbo start and give me a great beginning to a life and journey of being a cinematographer? The last video I shot:
  4. I can't decide between buying the Blackmagic cinema mft camera with the metabones speed booster or the Blackmagic production camera. The pros for the Production camera: No Moire, less aliasing, globall shutter, 4k = really sharp 1080p The pros Blackmagic cinema camera mft with metabones: Better in lowlight, more dynamic range, wider field of view I just want the one that looks more cinematic, but I can't decided which one that is. , Thanks for your help.
  5. Keep making videos. The more you make videos the more you'll love doing it. Read a lot of stuff in the forum you can learn a lot here about filming.
  6. So I am still very new to film making. Last year the only camera I had was a GoPro and I decided that I wanted to do CInematography for the rest of my life so I decided to skip DSLRs and by a blackmagic cinema camera. I have spent the past 4 months learning how to film and colorgrade and I finally feel ready to start getting audio but I have no idea what to mics and audio equipement to buy? Does anybody know what mics I should get if I want to get good audio and keep the camera run and gun. I'm in college and I film by myself so I want to be able to just throw all the gear in my backpack show up at location and be ready to shoot in 2-5 minutes. My budget for audio is $500-$600.
  7. If you are shooting at resolution higher than what you are going to edit at then this would be fine. It's ok if you lose some resolution by doing this effect at post but it would never be ok to do this for something you were getting paid for
  8. I was just saying this is a good video to watch for new filmmakers. The video goes over a lot of things that you wouldn't know unless someone taught or showed you.
  9. I found a lot of Luts from google. I found more by watching videos on Vimeo. A lot of people had download links for the Luts that they were using
  10. I'm addicted to snycing cuts on the beats but I'm trying to stop. It's hard to not sync because I play 14 instruments =P
  11. Lol, watch this video if you want to cut down only sloppy film making.
  12. I wish I could find the interview online. Wally Pfister is one of my favorite Cinematographers. His interviews are always inspiring
  13. I'm a sophemore studying film, the film department at my school is pretty weak so I went out and bought a blackmagic cinema camera and decided to just teach myself Cinematography. I've had the Camera for about a month. The only camera I've had before this one was a gopro hero3 so I had a lot to learn about lenses, color grading, focusing, and a lot of other stuff before I was ready to try to put any stories together. I shot this one mainly focusing on the cinematography since story telling is not my main point yet. Plz tell me how I can improve.
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