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  1. Yeah, they might be that originally but they were on a German Fernsehn TV camera from the 60's when I found them. Appreciate the replies, thanks :)
  2. Hi, I'm not a cinematographer but I own 4 lenses that was use by the Swedish Televison. I'm about to sell the but need to know what mount they have. Anyone who can help out on this for me? Schneider Curtagon 35mm 2.8 Schneider Xenon 50mm 2 Schneider Xenon 75mm 2 Schneider Xenotar 150mm 2.8
  3. Gregg and Dom, thanks a lot for helping me. Westlicht is a good idea or even LP-foto auctions here in Sweden. I don't know what lens mount it has as all this is new to me. Do you have any clue on how much I should estimate to get for it? I found some indications at Collectiblend but not sure how correct those are. Mount photo Ola
  4. Hi, I'm the owner of a Debrie (Sinmor) 16mm camera that was owned by the Swedish Televison. My intenstion is to sell it but if this isn't the right place could someone guide me where would be the best place to find a buyer? Thanks! PS I only shoot analog still photography :) I also got 4 cine lenses: - Schneider Xenotar 150mm f2.8 - Schneider Curtagon 35mm f2.8 - Schneider Xenon 75mm f2 - Schneider Xenon 50mm f2
  5. Hi guys, I'm not a cinematographer but I came a cress this beautiful camera, a Debrie 16mm. It has been used by the Swedish Televison company as it says on the case. Comes with 4 film holders (!!??). I want to sell it and you are welcome to come with proposals. I got more photos to email
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