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  1. OK- I have one to add. I've heard one slang term for a dolly move called a "Micky Rooney." A slow, little creep. Jp
  2. I shot a number of fishing shows in Northern MN and Canada. One of the things we did was use a large marine battery to power the camera for hours. That was an older tape-based camera. On today's cameras, a large battery like that could last all day easy. You will need to be very careful doing this. Consult an engineer or even the rental house if renting. You'll need to recharge everything- solar panels? Offload footage and backup? Any stays at camping areas in between? AC recharge. My two cents. J Patnaude Atlanta GA
  3. James, Full Frame? More please. Jp
  4. I'm also interested in finding get-togethers to chat with other DP's in town. Just started going over this forum again. Hello Atlanta! Jeff Patnaude DP LM Aeronautics
  5. I was there, and it was inspiring. They were supposed to record for re-broadcast.Anyone know the site? JP
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