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  1. Email: robbie@robbiefatt.com
  2. Hi, I'm looking to buy an Arri Amira EF lens mount (K2.0001103). Or any with an electronic aperture. Located in Sydney, Australia. Looking at paying under $2000 AUD Kind regards, Robbie
  3. Hi all, Thanks for all the help! I am looking at paying about $30000 AUD for an Amira under 3000 hours with a 4k premium license. The main problem is the Australian dollar currently for purchasing from the US, hopefully that changes soon as there are some good prices there. If anyone can supply me an Amira with those specifications that would be amazing! Kind regards, Robbie
  4. Thanks Jeff! If it's in AUD then I'm definitely interested! How many hours?
  5. Hi, I'm a freelance cinematographer looking at purchasing a used Arri Amira at a good price. I'm located in Sydney, Australia. Any advice or help would be much appreciated!
  6. Thanks Dom! Yea I really love the look of these lenses. You haven’t found a cheap way for me to get a set of Cooke Speed Panchros yet have you? Haha. I’m serious about buying some!
  7. Hi! I'm particularly a fan of the cinematography in the movie "Her", shot by Hoyte Van Hoyema, and I read that he used a variety of lenses including Cooke Speed Panchros, Canon K35's and Zeiss Super Speeds on the Alexa. One of the truly memorable shots I have attached here as I'm wondering if anyone could identify the lens used here based purely on the bokeh. To me they look like Super Speeds but I'm just looking for some opinions. I've wanted to buy some Cooke Speed Panchros for a long time but was wondering if anyone knew which scenes in this film were shot with which lens? Thanks!
  8. Yea I thought so. Absolutely love the cinematography in this film! It'd be interesting to see exactly how he achieved the effect!
  9. Thanks so much everyone, I have tried a few different methods and its looking pretty good :) Does anyone know if the same thing was done in "The Theory of Everything" or was there filters in this case:
  10. Thanks David! I'd love to know how to do that effect in post. It's very cool!!
  11. I'm interested to know how Andrew Lesnie achieved the "highlight blooming" effect throughout the Hobbit trilogy. Did he use a filter (pro mist?), net his lens or was the effect done in post? Either way, the footage is very lovely and it was shot on an old Red Epic camera with Zeiss Ultra Primes. I had the privilege of talking to Andrew before he passed away at an ACS meeting in Sydney a few years ago, but I never got to ask him how he achieved this effect.
  12. Thanks so much for your answers everyone they are really helpful!! So it seems they really aren't a good option to be "purchased" but rather rented at this point because of the prices and also inconsistencies in quality from used ones. I was looking at an EF mount so that I could use it on more cameras since PL seems quite limiting. I was really only looking at purchasing a few lenses like a 25mm, 32mm and 50mm and getting them for cheaper being not rehoused. I don't mind having small barrels and non professional marks since it seems worth the quality for a cheaper amount.
  13. I'm looking at investing in some old Cooke Speed Panchros and I've heard that they come with an Arri Mitchell mount? I'm really confused about these older mounts. I'm wondering if these lenses can be adapted to EF and how much it would cost? Also, are they optically not great now from being so old? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Cooke-Speed-Panchro-50mm-f2-T2-3-Ser-11-II-lens-39XXXX-Arri-Mitchell-mt-Nice-/182696384953?hash=item2a898d99b9:g:CDcAAOSwfpVZLZWD
  14. Haha I'll take that as a compliment if David can't see any issues in the footage :P I think some people were spotting some FPN in the blacks etc. Maybe it was just on my monitor. Overall, I do like the look I've been able to achieve on this camera through this setup. I'd love to know more of your thoughts David on stacking filters etc.
  15. I have a question actually in regards to this camera. I shot this video with 5 filters on: It was in an effort to take away some of the "sharpness" of the camera. But in doing so I've gotten a lot of artefacts in my image. I'm wondering if this is a camera issue or it is because of all the filters I stacked on (I'm 95% guessing its because of the filters). I mixed a Tiffen Black Satin 1 with a Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4. There was also a Hoya UV, IR and a SLR magic Vari ND.
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