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  1. I've acquired a fine looking Scoopic MS and a couple rolls of fresh Kodak Vision 50 ASA film. Before I shoot any projects, I'd like to shoot a test roll to check everything out. Some issues will be obvious without any special testing protocol - light leaks, image flicker film gate problems. But with respect to sharpness, I've heard some folks report the Canon lens is soft wide open and others report the lens should be sharp at f/2.5 if everything is correct with the internals of the camera. To test sharpness, is there a standard way to shoot a lens star chart. Zoomed in all the way, wide open I would presume? For exposure, the internal meter seems to work and seems ballpark correct but I don't know the precise accuracy. I have a old Minolta digital meter with cine mode, but it seems to be way off compared to my DSLR cameras so that is useless. I got an app for my iphone and it seems to agree with my still cameras. I'm thinking I should stick to one exposure tool and check exposure with it but I'm not sure how to tell if my exposure is 100% accurate. If I shoot a gray card, when I get the film processed and scanned, would the histogram in Adobe Premiere be the way to check exposure?? Thanks for any ideas. Geoffrey www.chandlervideo.com
  2. Just purchased a Zeiss Ikon GS8 thanks to the suggestion above. Found on eBay and it shipped from France. I'll unpack and see what condition it's in and see if I can run some through it.
  3. Yes, I have an S-12 charger.
  4. I know this is a repetitive topic but I have a sweet Scoopic coming. It was priced very nicely but it doesn't have a battery. I know and have myself re-celled Scoopic batteries but this time I don't even have a shell to recell. Anyone have a bad one to sell or know where to look? Thanks, Geoffrey www.chandlervideo.com
  5. Does this look like the normal amount of jiggle for footage shot on a tripod? Or can Super 8 do better if the camera is up to par?
  6. Yes I did my own color adjusting. I know it's still a little rough but I'll keep chipping away. Thanks for the tips.
  7. Even though much of the event took place outdoors, it was in heavy shade and mostly cloudy. With 500T, I could barely shoot the girls on the front porch of the cabin. I'm not sure why I missed focus so often. The interview I missed both the bride and groom by a lot, but I can write that off to trying to run the camera unmanned a ways back, zoomed in, while I sat close to the subjects to conduct the interview.
  8. 500T shot without filter. I set the camera at 400 ASA.
  9. 50D 500 T Tri-x and I think a roll or two of Pro8mm Kodak 250D 8 rolls total shot
  10. I learned a lot and I messed up a little - missed focus several times - but I think for a first attempt, it came out ok. This is 99% finished. I need to work on the color grading still but the main edit is done. For this client I decided not to do take out the super 8 jiggle or reduce any grain.
  11. Yep, I would have totally gone to the church before now but it's a ways out of town. I can either do it or not. I do have a LED light I can use to supplement natural light the rest of the day. I'm going home to practice loading the camera with some old film someone gave me.
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