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  1. Check out different seat belt organizers, like this one: http://www.galls.com/lawpro-adjustable-car-seat-organizer?PMWTNO=000000000002151&PMSRCH= I've got a good one from Duluth Trading Co. that was discontinued. You can find it on ebay sometimes.
  2. Hello All, I've seen a fair share of Rubbermaid mods while interning at a rental house these past few months, and I was wondering about proper procedures for modding, as well as personal favorites or any tips to be shared. I've been interning at a big rental house these past months and have seen some really cool stuff I'd like to someday apply on a rubbermaid of my own, but I'm unsure of exactly how to go about doing the mods (where to buy certain things, how to attach, etc.) The things I've been wondering are: -The best wheels/casters to buy, I usually see/hear of 8" or 10" but have no idea which brands to buy/avoid. -The layer of plywood underneath the rubbermaids. -What size/type screws/bolts to use to attach the plywood/accessories. -The little hooks used to hold sticks, what would these be called and how could I attach them? -The Various bags I see attached to rubbermaids, they all look very useful but I can never tell what brand they are. -Really any mod you believe is interesting/good enough to share! What are your favorites that you've seen? Which ones are a waste of resources? Thank You, Joseph Robinson
  3. Thanks Marque, it's only an hour drive from where I am, so I'll definitely give them a call and see what they have and what they charge. As of now I am thinking of buying a backstage-modified junior cart; I keep getting told it's a safer bet for working in NYC (because of small hallways, elevators, etc.).
  4. Speaking of these carts from Filmtools or Yaeger; does anybody know of any New York/Northeast options to buy such carts and accessories if we are looking to buy/pick up in-person to avoid shipping costs?
  5. Thank you Mark. I was able to get a refund from my credit card company (as of now). I also discovered Fikenca, which is the company that made all of Modular 51's products. I am currently in the process of making an order from them. I will update on how it goes.
  6. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anybody happened to know anything about Modular 51. I ordered a product from them on October 7, 2014 and still have not received it, nor any information of its status. I have tried e-mailing them but have not gotten a response and I fear my order will never arrive. They initially said it would take 3-5 weeks to ship out, and I am in NY so it should not be taking this long to arrive. Does anybody know if they went out of business? Or have their phone number? Is there anybody who has had a similar experience with them?
  7. Hello Everyone, I have been attempting to learn more about electrical/battery power and sound, but haven't been able to find the right online resources. I was wondering what an AC, whether 1st or 2nd, should know about sound and power? As of now, I know some basics on both topics, but am always looking to learn more in order to be better prepared. Thank You, Joseph Robinson
  8. Thank you for the recommendations, everyone. I have been looking into bags such as the large Arri/Panavision/Cinebag/Modular 51 bags, but these brands are just out of my price range currently. I was wondering if the products' quality make up for the price tag, (would they last me years and years) or if I would be able to find similar bags for cheaper that would serve the purpose just as well? I would be using a bag of this type for various "just in case," "extra," and "camera AKS," accessories and supplies I may want to carry around to ensure preparation for all different kinds of scenarios and needs. I did recently purchase a new run-bag, a Custom Leathercraft 16" bag and I love it.
  9. Thanks David, I previewed it on Amazon and it looks like a great resource for all that I am trying to learn; a lot of the concepts I am curious about seem to be addressed in the book. I'm going to order myself a copy when I am able to.
  10. I discovered another good resource in case anybody else is interested in learning these concepts. CambridgeInColor's Tutorials
  11. Hello Everyone, I have been self-learning everything I can about cameras this Summer but have found it somewhat difficult to get a grasp on the many different factors that make up a digital camera. Essentially, every time I learn something, something new seems to pop up the next week. I feel as though if I were to find an extensive guide, or even various resources telling me what I need to know about digital cameras, I would be able to learn more efficiently. For example, I recently touched up my knowledge on the different types of image sensors and shutters, and the differences between them all. The resources I have been using in the past few days have been RED's RED101 Articles and Quantel's Digital Factbook. Thank You, Joseph Robinson
  12. Hello All, I'm currently looking to buy a new bag to use for all of my tools/equipment I carry around for Camera Assisting. I like the idea of multiple large pockets on the outside of the bag. Right now I haven't been carrying too much but I know I will be in the future, so I'd like to buy something that'd last. What bags/brands would you recommend? Thanks.
  13. Dom, I have applied for internship positions at a few rental houses (including the nearest Panavision and ARRI ones) for the upcoming Fall semester, but I had no idea that asking to observe a camera prep would be possible. Thank you. Satsuki, Also glad to hear I was on the right track for beginning to read through manuals, I've been currently reading through the Red Epic and Canon C300 manuals. I was actually inspired to make this thread by a catalogue for camera accessories that ARRI made, though it's three years old. I'll definitely continue to read through the manuals, thank you for the response.
  14. Hello All, I was wondering what resources I can use to learn about the massive amount of camera accessories and inputs and outputs for cameras and their accessories. I keep finding pictures of these huge camera rigs, where I cannot determine what some of the accessories may be. I want to learn as much as I can. Currently, I have been reading the Camera Assistant's Manual by David Elkins and working my way through Evan Luzi's blog, The Black And Blue. I also understand that much of this I will learn as I get more experience on sets, I have actually been able to learn a good (but small in perspective) amount of information about Red Epic cameras while 2nd ACing on an indie feature. As somebody determined to become an excellent 1st AC, any advice on where else I may look would be greatly appreciated and put to use. Best Regards, Joseph Robinson
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