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  1. $30K Obo email/ call or text 917-597-5511 johnkelleydp@gmail.com I have a beautiful set of LOMO Anamorphic square fronts. Shot a few features with them and they are gorgeous. 1 35mm T2.3 1 50mm T2.3 1 80mm T2.3 PL mount recently serviced by http://www.gecko-cam.com/ in Munich
  2. Selling two complimentary Angenieux Zooms. The 16-42 and 30-80mm T2.8 with 2 sets of Tiffen 4.5 round ND filters with rolling case. Clean glass no scratches front and rear caps 2 X Filters ND.3 ND.6 ND.9 ND 1.2 ND 1.5 ND 1.8 asking $26K OBO call or text 917-597-5511 or email JohnkelleyDP@gmail.com
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