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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. I probably will have a small fresnel as a backlight but may not use it. I will be able to get a fair bit of distance between subject and screen so shouldn't have too much spill. My worry was the 2 800W's wouldn't be enough - the reason for the wide screen is because the subject will be moving their arms either side. I could move them closer to the screen so it would appear wider but wanted to keep a decent distance. It's a pretty small budget so not sure Kino's could be used.
  2. Hi, Do you think the following will be enough to light subject and green screen for a good key? Will be shooting slightly wider than MS with a 24' by 24' background. Key - 2K open face with chimera Fill - 1K open face with chimera 2 x 800w redhead Chimera for greensreen Thanks
  3. It seems weird that it is sometimes referred to as Full fram 35mm sensor. Would using a 50mm EF lens on APS-C sensor be equivalent of 75mm EF-S on APS-C?
  4. I thought so, It seems confusing as people always talk about it being cropped and the 1.6 factor where as they seem to be similar to 35mm in field of view compared to full frame.
  5. Also what effect would using a EF lens on a APS-C sensor have on focal lenght Appreciate any help
  6. Thanks David, Am I right in saying APS-C is more equivalent to 35mm film in terms of focal length rather than full frame cameras?
  7. Hi, What aperture & focal length do you think these where shot at? Looking to do something similar with DSLR
  8. Hi, Doing a corporate video and need to light that matches a color from the company's brand. What would be the best way to find a gel that matches? Is there anyway to find the equivalent RGB values for a particular gel? Thanks
  9. Hi Jared looks great. Have you got any more diagrams/ behind the scenes photos you could share? Also what lighting equipment/camera did you use?
  10. It will be shot on a canon7D. The background will be a backdrop curtain with a logo on it. Unfortunately we do not have access to this in the shoot otherwise it would make the process a lot easier.
  11. Hi guys, Would you guys mind giving me some feedback on this setup for a greenscreen interview: 800W arri with chimera softbox as a key Lowel rifa light 650W as Fill 2 Dedolights 150W as backlights/kickers for the subject 2 Lowel 650W lighting the greensceen Would this be a suitable kit for a one person interview and provide a even light for a good chroma key? thanks for any help
  12. Hi Guys' Thanks for the input. Sorry mis-typed the lighting equipment. The 2 dedo hard-heads are 150W but the softboxes have seperate 500W lamps. Alex I am using 2 Canon 7D's.
  13. Hi Guys, Wanting to re-create look for a interview. Looks like they had a soft source from above but that's not really an option for us so looking at using a soft fill from the side with hard backlights. Just wanted to know how you interpreted their setup and how you would best replicate it with the following equipment: 2 soft boxes 3 Dedo 150W hard heads cheers,would appreciate any advice or thoughts Rob
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