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  1. Back to what David said, it reminded me of this. Now obviously there is a pretty big source directly above and probably a couple other things, but surrounding the area with china balls could probably be a good start in a smaller location.
  2. usedmovielighting.com Checking their tungsten stuff right now they have a pair of baby-baby 1Ks for $400 and and a pair of Strand Polaris 1K's for $350. I believe their inventory changes every once in a while but they usually have a lot good stuff for sale.
  3. Not sure if this is covered anywhere, but has anyone had any experience with using a 4x4" matte box with any prime lens' like the CP.2/CN-E? I have a set of Rokinon primes and I know that the 4x4" should be fine with them but I'm unsure if the lens diameters of the CP.2/CN-E primes would fit a 4x4". Or should I just go for a 4x5.65"? The cheaper the better!
  4. David, what exactly is a teaser skirt? Couldn't find any info about it online.
  5. Rob, I don't have any more behind the scenes photos to show because I was heavily on the clock to take photos. I shot on a Red One MX with a Red 18-85 zoom lens. Equipment wise, I used one baby outside to silhouette the actress and another baby dappled with some cucoloris to serve as the the outside light when she walks in. The lamp turned on next to the actor was motivated with a tweenie. For the kiss scene, I used a clamp light with a 150w bulb hung from above to serve as their side light.
  6. Thanks everyone. I noticed what you guys pointed out after we finished shooting. Maybe with time travel I can fix the problems... Hehe. But thanks again!
  7. Here's the film! Let me know what y'all think. Thanks again. Cheers, Jared Bedrejo
  8. That's a chunk of information! Thanks everyone. I'll post results after. Cheers, Jared Bedrejo
  9. I'm shooting a short noir film fairly soon in which the whole short takes place in a living room between a spy and a femme fatale. I have an idea of how I'm going to light but was just curious how others would approach the lighting. I'll probably be working mostly with fresnels but getting other equipment shouldn't be a problem. We'll also be shooting at night, so that'll be a plus. Would love to hear from y'all! Here's the floor plan of the blocking for more reference. Blue is the lady. Kinda confusing but hell, I'll add it anyway.
  10. I ended up getting Polecats. They only fitted in the right hallway. So for the left hallway, I blocked out most of the sunlight by essentially making a box with flags and duvateen around the door then shot a Junior through the glass. Then I put a Baby in the room right before the centered door. For the right hallway, I put up three polecats equally spread out through the hallway equipped with a 4 Bank Kino, and a Tweenie on the others. We just shot it yesterday so I'll post results when it's finished! Thanks for the help y'all. Cheers, Jared Bedrejo
  11. How would you guys hang up lights, or light the scene really... in the hallways pictured without getting stands in the way? The ceiling is about 10 ft high and the hallway is about 5 ft wide. The idea is to make the space look like it is underground, so we'd be blocking out all the sunlight from the windows. I have 2x 2Ks, 2x 1Ks, 2 650s, and 2x 4 Bank Kinos. All tungsten lamps. There will be 2 actors going back and forth through both hallways. Cheers, Jared Bedrejo
  12. I own a couple of the As Arri Fresnels and I've been using them frequently for about 10 months now on small short films and I haven't encountered any problems. The only thing I would complain about would be the faint burning scent that was emitted when I first started using them. But for the price they're worth, I can't complain. If you don't have the budget for authentic lights, I'd give em a shot! I would also recommend watching this video review on the As Arris, as it helped me decide if I should buy a few or not! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Acznsk2q58 Cheers, Jared Bedrejo
  13. Interesting! Thanks David.
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