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  1. Thanks Pete, I was actually suggesting Photon Beard's LEDs to the DoP the other day, I was very impressed by your range at BSC and BVE this year. Will show to DoP when we have our next meeting and perhaps he and I could come and view some?
  2. Next time Brad, give me a shout. I have a load of straw lying about, more than happy to lend.
  3. Look into the technological advances allowed by the war. I read a piece with interviews with people from the time talking about how they were suddenly able to light differently because cameras would be able to register the light better.
  4. Hi all, I'm attached to a project shooting in a listed building (very old house in the UK with antiques) and one of the specifications is that I can't use hot lights as they may damage paintings and antiques in the house. I've been told about using heat filters on lights, just wondering people's experiences/opinions of them. Thanks Josie
  5. Hi guys, new to this forum, I'm a London based lighting tech cutting my teeth in the industry. A year and a half working on sets, loving every minute. I love cinematography with a passion, and lighting is key. I'm hard working and diligent with a great sense of humour. Feel free to check out my credits and get in touch if you ever need a pair of hands. Josie http://thisbrightspark.wix.com/josiewilliams#!credits/cnec
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