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  1. Hi, So I've been doing some shooting at an event and exposed my shot to look a certain way on my 5D3. Then when I pull the shot onto my computer it looks a lot darker and more contrasty (as well as more saturated) than what was on my camera LCD. To the point that blue jackets that had detail in them look pure black on my computer. I've graded the video a bit to show you what my camera LCD looks like vs. the image on my computer, but this is tight turn around stuff that I am handing off to other editors so grading isn't really an option. Beyond that I would really like to trust that what is on my LCD when I shoot is actually what my shot is going to look like. I've attached a couple of photos so you can see what I am talking about. I am shooting using the 'Standard' picture profile, and viewing on a Macbook Pro which I've had no issues with in the past. Computer: http://s10.postimg.org/ldouol6gp/Screen_Shot_2014_10_10_at_21_49_15_1.png Camera LCD: http://s10.postimg.org/dni2jg455/Screen_Shot_2014_10_10_at_21_52_58.png Thanks in advance for any help, massively appreciated! Jamie
  2. Thanks everyone for all the replies.. They have been very helpful! A friend of mine actually revealed that he had a couple of Arri 650s and let me have a play with them, and wow can I tell the difference between those and the open face lights I have used in the past. I am going to borrow his for some stuff for a bit and see how I get on. Thanks again for the info!
  3. Hi, I am looking to get some advice about what would be some good lights to look at getting. There aren't any places near to me that I could rent from, and I have found some websites where I could buy some used kit. I had been looking at trying to find some Arri Junior lights (300w-650w). But I have come across someone selling a Lowel DP 1000w and Lowel Omni 500w for a decent price. So I am basically wondering if there will be much of a difference between these two systems. I know the Arri is a fresnel and the Lowel an open face so there will be differences, but would it be worth the extra money? Thanks in advanced for the advice! Jamie
  4. Hi, So I have a question about how best to expose when shooting with a DSLR. I am using a 5DMk3 and am trying to shoot a night scene in a bedroom. Should I be exposing to the right, and then dial back the exposure in post? Or should I underexpose in camera to get the final look I am after. When I have tried exposing the camera properly, and then dialling it back in post, I find that I get a lot of banding and artefacts presenting themselves (especially on walls). However, if I am underexposing in camera, surely that is just going to be introducing noise, for the simple fact that you are underexposing. Also, how does this change if you are trying to boost the ISO in camera. If to get a decent exposure it involves going up to 3200, would I be better off staying at 640 with an underexposed image? I hope I have explained myself well enough. Let me know if I haven’t. I would really appreciate the insight, thanks!
  5. That was really useful information. Thanks very much for all of that. I will have a look into some Par 16's / will probably try and borrow some from a theatre tech friend of mine.
  6. Absolutely, massive thank you to Aapo for the blog post, it has been very interesting! Thanks for the links to some used gear places in the UK, really useful places to know about. I think that in the mean time I will just rent or try and borrow stuff from people. Off the back of what people have said here, it sounds like that will be a better option than the cheap stuff. Thanks for all the information!
  7. I completely agree, and would rather do that if I could afford it. The issue I have is that in the UK it seems to be much harder to find used kit, at least at a budget that I can afford (which is very low!) As much as I would rather buy some genuine kit, I just don't think I can afford it, and these seem like they have the potential to be a good alternative. If there are any UK residents that could point me in the direction of some decent used kit at an affordable price, I would be immensely grateful!
  8. Would there be any reason that I couldn't just take the 'As Arri' light and replace all the wiring inside, and even the lamp and the lens (replacing with genuine Arri lens)? In theory I should then just have a pretty decent and safe Arri light shouldn't I? The only real difference in theory would be the build quality of the outer case, but the light quality has the potential to be pretty much identical? And at a fraction of the cost of a genuine Arri. The only part that I think would be more of a struggle to replace would be the lamp holder. I've been able to find a spare for the 300w and 650w but not for the 150w or 1000w. Please someone correct me if I am wrong!
  9. Hi, So in the UK ‘Can (or Clamp) Lights’ aren’t anywhere near as easy to get a hold of as in the USA. However work lights are. So could I go ahead and get a 150w clamp on work light and get a similar effect (e.g. http://www.silverlinetools.com/cs-CZ/Products/Torches%20and%20Lamps/Work%20Lights/459873)? To give you some context. I am trying to get something that is a more DIY alternative to a set of 150W DedoLights. Ideally I wan’t something that is a bit more of a focused light than just a full wash, which is why I originally gravitated towards trying to find clamp lights instead of using work lights. If anyone has any other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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