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  1. I don't think it needs a Quickcharge, but for the new macbook pros it needs a usb port that can deliver at least 60w but preferably 87-96w for the newer 15-16inch ones.
  2. I'm looking for some D-Tap to USB options primarily for powering the latest macbook pro off a v-mount battery. While usb-c 96w would be ideal, the market out there looks rather small, so open to other solutions: lower wattage, D-Tap to USB A, Dtap to AC, etc... Anyone have any experience with these or can recommended something? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1385338-REG/gyrovu_gv_dtap_usbc_d_tap_p_tap_to_usb_c_30.html/qa https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1361787-REG/indipro_tools_gp5dt3_indipro_d_tap_to_regulated.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/
  3. Hello, I won't have a Filmtools near me today and I need to get some Lens cleaning fluid and Dust off. Can these or suitable alternatives (must be able to be used for lenses) be found at a Home Depot/Lowe's/Target or an Electric Store (Best buy)? There's plenty of places to get compressed air but is only the "Dust off" brand appropriate for use with camera lenses? Lens cleaning fluid will be harder to find, I don't imagine any big store carrying Pancro, Tiffen, or Rosco brand fluid but are there other brands that are acceptable for cleaning lenses? Best buy h
  4. I would like to hear more info about working a union shoot as someone who is non union but union eligible and just doesn't have the funds or an influx of union work to join currently. Can someone who is non union work 14 days on a union shoot ( or any amount less than 29 days) and not have to join the union? Are there any repercussions or hoops to jump through for doing so if production is ok with it? What happens if you are not on the industry experience roster?
  5. One of the greats, his work left an indelible impression on myself and many of my peers.
  6. Can you recommend a store in LA that sells a variety of tripods? I'd like to go there, test them out, and buy one. Looking for a decent but reasonably priced tripod for DSLR. Thanks
  7. Gold mine of info, thank you sir.
  8. Thanks David. So from your response, it would be pretty difficult to figure out what was shot with the "A" cam and what was shot with the "B cam", just by watching a finshed show. Would a "B" cam be used for moving shots (crane, dolly, stedicam) or would that typically be "A" cam?
  9. I see on a lot of shows, there's an A camera and a B camera. Is the B camera typically used for inserts or 2nd Unit stuff or is it being used at the same time as the A camera? if you have a scene with 2 characters across a table, is the A Camera getting a MS and the B camera is getting a CU of the same character? Or is A camera getting 1 character and the B camera is getting the other in an over the shoulder scenario? I'm trrying to determine how B camera is typically used and if it is possible to spot the B camera vs A camera in watching a final edited show?
  10. Hello, Hey ACs, what is your favorite multitool? I'm looking for one that can cover many tools if possible, so I can carry less other tools (hex keys, screw drivers, etc...)
  11. To compound matters we originally shot with Anamorphic glass which is out of the question this go around, so it will look differnent no matter what but within those constraints, I'd like to match as best a possible. Thank you
  12. Thanks guys. Budget is the main reason we can't use the ALEXA agian or any other comparable camera in that range. We were leaning toward an epic/dragon as I can get a decent deal on that, but is the concensous that a Black Magic would be better?
  13. Original project was shot on the Alexa in Anamorphic (log c), in ends up being about 2K resolution. Need to film some additional shots and find an alternative camera. What camera would best match an Alexa? One of the REDs? C300? Other? Thank you
  14. What are some tools and expendables that a 2nd AC should have? Thank You
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