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  1. Thank you very much Phil and David for the information! I'll give both a try and see how they work! Greatly appreciate it.
  2. How do I screen grab from a blu ray or DVD? Is there a certain program I have to use? I'm using the program DVD Player on my mac and the screen shot feature, Shift + Command + 3, but this feature doesn't capture the image that's on DVD Player.
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if you can use an Angenieux f10-150mm Zoom Type 15 x 10B lens and/or an Angenieux f5.9 1:1.8 Type R7 lens on a super 16 camera with an appropriate adapter without it vignetting. Thanks.
  4. I'm a director looking for a cinematographer in the Washington DC area that shoots on film.
  5. Hi Joe, do you have any other GSMO parts available? Like a magazine or batteries/chargers. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a Cinema Products NCC6 battery charger for my CP GSMO 16mm camera. I know Whitehouse sells them but I'm wondering if anyone may have one available to sell. Thanks.
  7. Thank you Gregg and Jean-Louis for this information!
  8. Hi, does anyone have a manual to the CP GSMO 16mm camera?
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