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  1. Hey all, I graduated from college in May, currently working a summer job before I leave Missouri. Interested in G&E/cinematographer positions for narrative film. Had my eye on New Orleans for several months now, actually having visited the city for the first time in May. Great place. Hearing now to reconsider Atlanta as Louisiana has placed an unpopular cap on spending. Not really considering LA/NY at this time. New to the industry, of course. If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it! :) Best, Jesse
  2. To continue this topic: I'd like to create a rain effect for a night interior, but my equipment is limited. My strongest light is an Arri M18 with a 1200w bulb. Because I'm doubtful that the M18 is direct enough, I was considering placing it a few feet from the outside window and bouncing it into a mirror, which would then direct the light into the home. Maybe play around with spot/flood? I do have lenses, including a narrow I believe. Any thoughts? Thanks guys
  3. Thank you, David! I greatly appreciate your words.
  4. Hello, I'm working as a gaffer for a student film this January. The story is a drama/thriller that follows a man who dies and becomes trapped in a sort of limbo state of being. It's dark. It's fantasy. Our budget is very modest, but I'm very interested in using half hampshire on the windows for all day interior scenes - I love the blur it gives. However, those scenes make up only 30% of the film and the rest is night interiors. I'm wondering, can hampshire be used on windows at night to any great effect? I've looked into using dirty water and a spray bottle, but I imagine it will lack
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