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  1. Add "The World," to that list...saw it thought it was incredible!
  2. Thanks Jeremy and good luck with your spots, too. It sounds like you've got some serious financial backing going on. That's a great sign.
  3. The VW ad was pretty damn good. Thanks a lot for this great info. I'm building my director's reel at the moment and I'm going to shoot a Nike spec soon. I'm doing all the legal research making sure I can freely use their logos and stuff. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
  4. Cool thanks Wendell. How about the rights to use a product? Can I use whatever I want, including using graphics of the company logo like the Nike swoop for example, and not face an legal issues?
  5. I just have a quick question regarding specs...can you use any product you want and submit it freely to anyone without any rights issues? Also, I usually find specs to be a lot longer then TV ads...is that preferable? Thanks
  6. I felt the look of LIT was milky, and very low con, but not in a bad way. I rather enjoyed the simplicty of the look. It's usually what I strive for. Lance can wear different hats though...remember that Travis music video? As far as the film itself, I felt it was a failure. The director displayed no control of the medium. Formally and structurally it offered nothing, and the script was a wanna be Antonioni film...except it was really cheesy and sentimental. I recently saw "Last Life In the Universe." A Thai film that succeeded at being what LIT wanted to be.
  7. The Polish brothers and yourself making another 35mm anamorphic film...now that's something to look forward to! Please keep us updated.
  8. I saw his older film in the modern art museum the other day called Xiao-Wu. It's about a pick pocket and is obviously heavily influenced by Bresson. I thought the film was brilliant. I can't wait for The World to be released in the states.
  9. Well suppose a director asks you for a certain angle and you refuse. Do you think you'll get much work, after that? LOL :lol:
  10. I'm too lazy to type, and I haven't even seen this film yet so I just pulled the synopsis off the website-Official Site Synopsis Acclaimed Chinese director Jia Zhangke (PLATFORM, UNKNOWN PLEASURES) casts a compassionate eye on the daily loves, friendships and desperate dreams of the twenty-somethings from China?s remote Provinces who come to live and work at Beijing?s World Park. A bizarre cross-cultural pollination of Las Vegas and Epcot Center, World Park features lavish shows performed amid scaled-down replicas of the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, St. Mark?s Square, the Pyramid
  11. I'm really looking forward to seeing this! Thank you for sharing the knowldege. It's unfortunate that there is no trailer.
  12. Unless you're looking for music by big artists, most smaller artists will give you free festival rights or charge you a very minor fee.
  13. I can deal with little to no money, no glory and no fame...but making a career shooting trash is unacceptable.
  14. I have to say, in these modern times, diffusing the dinner scene like that was pretty bold! The film doesn't look like my cup of tea but I'd certainly watch it for your lighting. Secretly, it is my wish to see you do another art house picture. I hate to see your artistry being wasted on these films. I saw Northfork before I even knew about this forum and I was thinking that whoever shot this is gonna make some crazy stuff in the future...please give us more Northforks! Thanks for throwing this up. Much respect.
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