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  1. Hi guys! My name is Oleg, I do mostly weddings but try to learn and create more interesting stuff. Few weeks ago I broke my ankle during filming in Hawaii and right now I try to do..so. Here is my wedding showreel I Finished on the bed https://vimeo.com/222556667 And here is the short I did by myself only in my room in LA https://youtu.be/kZZNBC5gvlU Thank you!
  2. Just finish it few month ago. I used sony a6300 for that, it's looks sometimes not a perfect because of the rolling shutter, but hope you will have few things to leave here for me. Thanks for any replay.
  3. Hello everyone! This is the trailer. Will be glad any reviews. https://vimeo.com/193785050
  4. https://vimeo.com/171603110 Thank you!
  5. https://vimeo.com/155044768 Few shots from California, Arizona & Nevada take with DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Editing: FCPX + Color finale. Cinematographer - Oleg Zayanov Season: January - February 2016.
  6. Check it out - new video on my Vimeo channel! This is a short story about our Trip to Oahu island! It was our first visit to Hawaii. A lot of people think Oahu is pretty boring and they know the only one interesting place there - Waikiki area. But the most beautiful things you can find only out of Waikiki.) We called out trip - «All in 5 days» and I think we've visited most of best places on the island. It was really awesome! Oahu! We love you! And we will back!) Made with Canon 5d mark II, Gopro 4 black. https://vimeo.com/150403578
  7. Hello! I start the new video service in California - www.whitestudioproject.com I create this myself and want to know, what you guys think about my work, maybe you can help me will be better.) And this is my new video -
  8. Like it, interesting...now i thinking about this camera...one of problem I thing is crop x3((( its no good, when I want shooting wide angle shots..8 mm = 24mm ((( What you think about it?
  9. Cinematographer - Oleg Zayanov (Los Angeles, California) Born in Russia, Moscow WEB - vimeo.com/olegzayanov Canon 5Dmarkii + 24-105L
  10. Hello everyone. Six months ago, I arrived in Los Angeles from Moscow, where for 6 years he worked in television. Now actively learn the language and do event videography. Much before moving sold, so not removed on an expensive camera. I would like to get acquainted with working in California. My work can be viewed:
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