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  1. Can't seem to PM you. Interested though, could you try PMing me?
  2. Thank you so much for helping me out. Really appreciate the stock and scanning info. Most of the cameras that have been mentioned are nowhere to be found on eBay, but I think i have found relatives. Saying that, I really do not wish to spend more than $80-100 on the camera. But, I still really want manual exposure, 24fps, and good enough optics. Like I have stated before, I really don't see myself using the light meter. I have been seeing alot of "working" cameras from this seller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Braun-Nizo-S560-Super-8-Movie-Camera-w-Variogon-1-1-8-7-56-Lens-Working-/381090821815?pt=US_Vintage_Cameras&hash=item58bac876b7 And was wondering if anyone else had experience with them? They seems to have the cheapest prices...and they say that the cameras work. Anyone have opinions? Thank you guys so much again!
  3. I really liked the beach ball droid. Honestly, it reminds me of exactly the same spirit of invention and silliness that R2 and C3PO represented throughout the entire original trilogy. I loved nearly every single shot of this trailer. It invoked the invention and adventure of the original trilogy on an incredible level. I also liked how they are using visual effects not to go crazy...but merely to refine.
  4. Alrighty, looking to purchase a Super 8 camera to get the experience of producing something narrative through the film medium. Ive been shooting alot of HDSLR narratives...but i'm excited to have an opportunity to shoot and edit on film, and really feel the value of each and every frame. Saying that, I realize how niche Super 8 is. It will be expensive, so i've determined that I will try shooting and developing the film myself, editing linearly, and projecting to view. If I do decide to digitize my media, where is the cheapest to get 1 or 2 carts developed and have decent 1080p scan. I live in Ohio, so centers in New England would be better. On to cameras... I want to get the cleanest image I can from Super 8, and generally want to treat the process as much like shooting 16mm as possible. That means that I will try to manually expose every scene I shoot...how consistent is that to do compared to HDSLR shooting? Also, whats the deal with stocks? How does the 100D differ from the 200D? Where does asa rating come into play? Generally what are some tips for dealing with tri x? Finally, which camera would be best to invest in? I've been seeing the Nizo S800 and S560 models and Canon's 518sv models. Are these "good" cameras? Which has better glass? Are there any that are gonna be better/more bangy for bucky for what I want to be shooting (Alot of tripod)? Also, I am kinda mystified by the price differences between cameras. Does it all come down to features, because it certainly appears like the huge price differences have to be coming from somewhere else. Perhaps manufacturing standards? Thanks for any responses...I know I have a lot of questions, and I really appreciate any help that you can give me:) Looking forward to jumping in, Jackson Clark
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