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  1. We shot this in one night. for several hours. We had one mark III camera, 35mm L-series lense and Rokinon 14mm prime lense. We only had I one 1k for light with one day light gel. The extra blue and red flare was add in post. We also used a skated board dolly for some of the pans.
  2. Well I know for a short you have to give what the point of the story quick like at the beginning. I just didn't get how I was supposed to relate to the story. Who were the guys with the gun? What did they want? Why did they want the code? The girls had her dads code or was it actually the girls code? Why would the girl have her dads code? Either way I do think it was shot well. I like how you had the computers point of view. Lighting was good I like the edit for the most part just when you see the guys with the gun it should have been from the computer screen not the reverse angle a
  3. This is made by Pixlelbump. They teach you how do make cool stuff like this video. I am into camera's myself but I though this was a great video to share. VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUVaqS6XN-o Starring Najarra Townsend from “Contracted” If you want to learn how this film was made, check out our behind the scenes tutorials: http://youtu.be/yAK4fKIied8
  4. If it got you out of your comfort zone then I think this pice did it job. Looked decent for a first time. Can't wait to see what you do next.
  5. Hello I just got a Sony A6000 and I want to use some L-series Cannon lenses. I was wondering does any one know good a EF adaptor for a good price. The metabones adaptor are pricey. Thank you.
  6. Hello, this is my first post of what I hope to be many. This piece was shot on a Sony Fs-100, using a metabones speedbooster, and L-series lenses. Our location was in an underground parking garage. The Fs-100 has a super 35mm crop sensor and the speedbooster gave us the ability to shoot in much darker places with more ease. Plus it opened up the cropped sensor. Our F-stop would go down to 0.8. Our lenses were a 17mm to 35mm and 70mm to 200mm telephoto lenses. Both of these lenses were L-series. I believe we only had one 50mm prime lenses but the lenses did not work well with the speedboos
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