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  1. Ha, nice! Understandable. It can be tough to constantly communicate when you’re doing this stuff. I only do narrative films as of right now, so my next video will be a short film from one of the scripts I’ve written.
  2. That's helpful feedback. Thanks for taking the time to watch and write about it! Good suggestions about the dialogue, and thanks for elaborating about the Ethan character - the consensus seems to be that something feels a little off about the performance and/or dialogue choices with him. And interesting to know how you responded to the end reveal. Your interpretation is similar to mine, except for a couple details. Thanks again!
  3. Yeah, and it may have had to do with the situation the character was in. He literally had a gun to his head, so he actually was acting in order to get the alarm code. But to your point, I don’t know if I made that story point quite clear enough to warrant the performance choice. Thanks for taking the time! Good feedback!
  4. Great feedback! Thanks for taking the time. Yeah, this is a dialogue heavy film and I hear you about the middle section. Good to know. You make more films too!
  5. Here's a short film I wrote/shot/directed. I'm primarily a writer/director, and I'm doing cinematography on my films out of necessity. Next step for me will be working with a cinematographer! But I'd love some general thoughts on this film, so I can take the feedback with me on my next project. The film takes place within a Skype video call window, and I'd call it a mystery/thriller. Let me know what you think!
  6. Thanks for the comments! Here's what I intended to convey: Jane and Logan went on a date. Logan dropped her off at her house and left for home. Some guys with guns followed Logan home and held him at gunpoint. They forced him to enter his house and call Jane, which is who they really wanted but were unable to get to because of her house alarm. They wanted Jane because her dad is the owner of a bank, which is briefly mentioned. Anyway, the guys forced Logan to call Jane and get her house alarm code, so some other men could enter and kidnap her, presumably to hold her hostage and get money from her dad. That's kind of what I was going for story-wise. Anyway, thanks for watching! I'll keep your comments in mind next time.
  7. Hello, everyone. I am a high school student and wanted some feedback on the first real short film I've made. I know that the 'found footage' idea is a bit overused, but I wanted to come up with a more unique and practical approach to it. It's two minutes long. If you decide to watch it, feel free to give me honest criticism! Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWCNt8DffOU
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