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  1. I’d love some feedback on a music video I did for my band recently. Part of the music video is a super-stylized noir look, and part of it has a glitchy electric computerized feel. Feel free to comment on the cinematography, VFX, or even the song. Let me know if you think this worked!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated. Glad you dug the concept.
  3. Good feedback! The idea with the gun was that the intruder was going to try to get the guy to tell him where the ring is before shooting him. Thanks for watching!
  4. This is a one minute short film, shot on an iPhone. I chose to shoot on an iPhone for the sake of the story, and it turned out to be an interesting experiment. Visually, the film is comprised of two uninterrupted shots that play simultaneously - which was another interesting challenge. I'd love to hear how this little film comes across to you guys. Do you think it works? Positive or negative feedback is welcome. Thanks for watching!
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I dug your music video. Good stuff!
  6. I’m sorry you were as unimpressed as you were, but thanks for watching. If you download the song, I’ll promise to motivate my camera movements next time!
  7. Thanks for watching! Yeah, we chose to make the footage look worse as the video went on. That was a thematic choice we made to reflect the ideas in the song lyrics. For a film archivist, I’m sure that was tough to see!
  8. Yeah, that turned out to be a consequence of this effect. Do you think the zooming in helped to mitigate that? The hope was that, by the time the full 4 minutes are over, the viewer has had enough time to become familiar with what they’re seeing.
  9. I just finished a music video for my band. This is an acoustic version of our latest song, Masterpiece. We tried a clone effect so we’d have enough people to play the instruments. It’s one 4 minute shot with a bunch of clones. Little bit of an experiment, so I’d love to hear how it comes across. Feel free to give me some thoughts on the video and/or the song!
  10. Ha, nice! Understandable. It can be tough to constantly communicate when you’re doing this stuff. I only do narrative films as of right now, so my next video will be a short film from one of the scripts I’ve written.
  11. That's helpful feedback. Thanks for taking the time to watch and write about it! Good suggestions about the dialogue, and thanks for elaborating about the Ethan character - the consensus seems to be that something feels a little off about the performance and/or dialogue choices with him. And interesting to know how you responded to the end reveal. Your interpretation is similar to mine, except for a couple details. Thanks again!
  12. Yeah, and it may have had to do with the situation the character was in. He literally had a gun to his head, so he actually was acting in order to get the alarm code. But to your point, I don’t know if I made that story point quite clear enough to warrant the performance choice. Thanks for taking the time! Good feedback!
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