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  1. Hi, So in Davinci Resolve we have used one long continuous take that we have cut up in various places and into multiple shots. When I apply a LUT to one of the shots, it applies it to all of the shots as the camera was rolling the whole time and it is all coming from the same file. I just want to apply a LUT to one of the shots and not have it apply to all of them, how do I do this? Hope that makes sense thanks
  2. Full CTB (Colour Temperature Blue) will turn a tungsten source (3200K) into a Daylight source (5600K) Full CTO (Colour Tempreture Orange) will turn a Daylight source into Tungsten.
  3. I was wondering how to calculate the ASA/ISO/EI on a light meter when using certain filters. For example my stock is 250 ASA, and I'm using an ND9 + a polarizer, this means that I lose 3 stops + 2/3 of a stop. What would my ASA then be set to? I'm not sure how to work this out. I understand that I can just take it away from the F stop reading, however, I'd like to be able to just set the ASA on the light meter and then not have to worry about that maths, and just adjust whenever I swap out any filters, rather than doing the maths every time I take a reading.
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