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  1. Never thought I would see anything from this thread again, but here we are. The camera I got was not that much money not by a long shot. Mine I think was about $40 and the only thing wrong with it was the battery contacts and the external battery switch. For $250 you are taking a big risk. There could be so much more wrong with it. Those things are a nightmare to work on. I just had to take mine apart again because the daylight filter was fogged up. Now I have to take it apart again to get the switches lined up correctly. These cannon cameras are so complicated here's some pictures: https://imgur.com/a/HygjKJS I would wait to see a cheaper one to come around. As one of my friends say "With time and eBay you can get anything."
  2. Forgot to post, It ended up working perfectly after i jumped the dc power jack! The power runs though the jack to keep it from "charging" the batteries when its plugged in. After I lubed it it sounds so much better, I wish I had a before shot of the camera, it kinda sounded like this, https://youtu.be/t3V_lIT7I9k?t=35s, and it now sounds like this https://youtu.be/BnvhfZ4nuIw, I have film in it and i did not want to run it for long but you get the point, it sounds sooooo much better. only thing that doesn't work is the light on the front, the wires broke off of it, I did not think it was necessary to solder them back on for the stuff ill use the camera for. even if the camera did not work I wouldn't be really peeved, i paid $40 for it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273074398095. Thanks for the advice on spectra, I was tempted to call them but ended up not needing to.
  3. It was very difficult to take apart and put back together, however I have many years of experience taking things apart like this (high quality photos is a must), but I failed to mention that the camera stopped working like it was getting no power, maybe 10min before i started taking everything apart, i had the handle hanging loose while i was working on it and it stopped working, I suspect it might be a broken wire in the handle but i cant be sure. I might have to ask spectra if they have seen anything like this before, or just send it in to get it repaired, however I want to avoid the cost of that, Don't have that kind of money for a camera i'm not going to use often.
  4. So I really just cant catch a break when it comes to super 8 cameras, I have a Canon 814xls that i got off of Ebay non working, and I got it working perfectly by cleaning the dc jack contacts. However it sounded like a cement grinder at high speed so I had to take it apart and get to the mechanism. I eventually got to it and lubed it and put it back together and nothing, nada, kaput. and I know I put all of the connections in the right place. So the one thing I have not done is to check if i'm getting voltage, I kinda had to step away from it for the night in fear that I would in my sleep deprived state break it more. However I did check current from the battery to see if it was taking current, not even a uA was being taken from the battery. I tried to battery check and it did not work either. So I am kinda at a loss here, if anyone has a 814 xls and is willing to take it apart and compare wiring or even better a service manual that has wiring diagrams. It would be of great help. I will get pictures on here when i get home from school, the only pictures I have right now are my wiring reference pictures on my phone. Thanks Avery
  5. To see if all of the motors and electronics associated with it work and function well. And I found how to trick it into thinking it was 40 iso so I found where the iso notch is.
  6. Well took a chance and found where it went so don't really need the help on that front. But there is one thing, how do you fool a super 8 cam to think it has a cart in it?
  7. Hello, recently I bought a Bauer s 207 xl from eBay in unknown condition and long behold it was the victim of battery acid leakage. Unfortunately during me repairing the thing two darn wires broke, found where the first orange wire goes but this gray and green wire has me confounded and looking for answers. So here is all I know it is the close vicinity to the batt. test switch and then goes to a pot and a resister. But tracing it out and even ohming it out did not turn anything up. So this is where I'm at ether I need a service manual or if any one has this camera, to tell me where this wire goes. I will include pictures in the two media fire direct links for what the wire looks like and where it comes from. Help will be appreciated, signed Avery first time super 8 shooter. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/98d0/ibaq29ht766idzrzg.jpg?size_id=e what the wire looks like http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/f1f6/0hiuuizfbed9ijhzg.jpg where it comes from (Sorry if these are not clickable links I am doing this from an iPad)
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