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  1. Thanks for the info Tyler! Hopefully IMAX announces their release dates soon. It a shame that two IMAX theaters near me, both equipped with 15/70 projectors, don't project film anymore. I now have to travel to Indiana to see any IMAX 15/70 films Have fun Willem! 70mm screenings are the best, wished more films were released on film
  2. Looks like Tenet is finally coming out. I found out that there will be a early screening on 70mm near me, then will eventually be released to the public on Sept 3rd. I would really like to see this on the big screen, but with the pandemic still going on, I'm not to sure. Chicago has been doing alright from maintaining the spread of the virus, but lately cases has been going up. The theater that's screening it is allowing only 50 people in out of a theater that seats 700 people and with mask mandatory. Is anyone planning to see this on the big screens? I have yet to see any info about IMAX 15/70 release prints. Would anybody happen to know about this?
  3. Yes, it was a tiny piece of hair. I also thought it might be the exposure needle in the finder, as the needle moves from right to left in the finder, but had my doubts. But did some research and found that viewfinder optics are in front of the gate, so what you see in the finder will not be the same for the gate.
  4. Thanks for the advice David and Simon, I really appreciate your help. I managed to remove the hair carefully with an orange wood stick and held the camera on its back, with the lens facing up and got it out of the gate. Not sure how a piece of hair can get inside the gate, but thankfully it's out. Now it's time to shoot
  5. Hello there, Wanted to shoot some super 8 animation today, since I have the time now due to the quarantine. But noticed that there is a piece of hair or debris inside the gate. Anyone know how to remove it? It's located on the bottom right of the gate. I have a Braun Nizo 481 Macro that hasn't been used since last fall. Never tried this before, but any help or guidance or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and stay safe
  6. Thank you to everyone who responded to my question, I really appreciate the information you guys have provided. I'll hold off getting the Canon 814 XL-S until I find one for sale in working condition, and at a reasonable price of course. I know this will take some soul searching, but didn't want to take the risk if the camera was not going to pay off in the end. Because of this, I recently decided to purchase the Nizo 481 Macro Black Edition, with the Schneider Ultra Wide Lens from Super 8 Arena for €300 euros! Not a bad price if you ask me and the 481 Macro definitely has more features than the 814 XL-S I believe.
  7. Hello Avery Grade, Recently read your post about repairing the Canon 814 XLS and thought I ask how much work did you put into getting the camera running? I'm thinking of picking one up off eBay, at a reasonable price, but the seller doesn't know what the problem is. Just says that the camera is not working. Camera looks in great condition though. With your experience, would you suggest purchasing the camera and sending it off to a repair technician? I know this might be a gamble, but haven't had any luck finding a working 814 XLS at a fair price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOT-WORKING-CANON-814-XLS-Super-8MM-MOVIE-CAMERA/233336948872?hash=item3653f74888:g:dTUAAOSwUiZddpnn
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