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  1. Nice! Can we see them? To answer your question to the best of my knowledge... yes, I have heard of cinematographers buying a camera people are using these days and getting cinematographer jobs because of it.
  2. And if the background is pure white, then anything in the foreground that has any sort of color (even skin tones) will feel like color contrast and not flat in my opinion.
  3. I know you specifically said "narrative DP's" and because you labeled yourself, "cinematagrapher", not "director", ... I want to preface my point with where I'm coming from which is the advertising world... In advertising the storyboards almost never involve the DP. The first boards are drawn up by the agency and then go out to directors for them to pitch their ideas through a phone/zoom call that gets narrowed down to the top three. Then the director writes a treatment ( or hires someone to) that involves loads of sample images. Then if the director wins the job, they do their own boards with their own storyboard artist. Obviously it's all totally different in feature films. For me personally, if I get to make a feature from any one of the scripts I've been working on, I would board the whole movie and shoot and edit the boards with sound and everything to show people for feedback. Then I would collaborate with the DP on their ideas for shots and lighting. I'm excited to get to that point... the collaboration.
  4. I agree, but I wonder if it's something new or something we forgot about due to the pandemic lockdowns. When I built my home movie theater (which I'm very proud of and have mentioned several times on this website, because I'm a huge jerk:) when I built my home movie theater and installed the sound system to it's specs according to what the filmmakers intended, the first thing I noticed was if I turned the volume up so I could hear the dialogue, the moment any sort of action happened, it knocked our socks off. It was so loud I had to scream at the top of my lungs to my wife sitting three feet away from me to pass the popcorn. After a certain movie blew two of my speakers I decided to do some of my own sound mixing. I turned up the center channel almost four times louder than the rest of the speakers. That way I could hear the dialogue nice and clear, but wouldn't blow the rest of my speakers the moment something got a little louder and I could talk to my wife in a almost normal voice in the loud scenes. I'm old and I like it better that way. I lived with that set up for a year and a half in lockdown. Then vaccinations showed up and I went back to the movie theater after a full year and a half... And yes, the sound blew my hair back and I was totally shocked how freaking loud it was. But I had to ask myself if that was because I accustomed myself to my own personal sound system for a year and a half and forgot about what movies in theaters actually sound like... OR... was it my shock of reality getting back to the world? Or have big film directors decided to blow our ears out with sound in movie theaters simply as a way to remind us why we all need to go back to movie theaters in the first place? I don't know the answers to any of these questions, but I totally agree the sound of some of these movies in theaters is too loud.
  5. Yeah, it's not like he grabbed a prop cell phone and handed it to an actor just to keep things moving. It's mothertrucking gun. It's heavy, deadly, gun. You're right, it seems like common sense was tossed out the window.
  6. So I've heard! Sounds like they treat their members well. They sent me a package full of cool stuff to go thru... nice letters... magazines... all sorts of cool stuff. Like I said, my 12-year-old self is beaming. ?
  7. It is. And that's Denzel Washington in the background which means this is a behind-the-scenes shot of "Philadelphia." I'm a little surprised it's not Howard Hawks or John Ford or whoever since they essentially founded the DGA, but of course Jonathan Demme is a great director in my opinion, so... ?‍♂️
  8. Thanks! I am excited about it. Don't think it will help me get my feature made, but it's cool to be a part of a somewhat exclusive club of people that do what I've wanted to do my whole life. Feels nice.
  9. It doesn't change my life all that much other than I get some cool screeners and a pension, but my 12-year-old self is super excited. ?
  10. I think I’m safe. Google “Justin Hayward“ and see what you get. edit: and no, my parents did not do that on purpose.
  11. I stand corrected. The 4:3 with extra headroom looks better in my opinion. Ugh... ?
  12. I want to see a movie shot in 2.40:1 aspect ratio with anamorphic lenses that’s cropped to 4:3 in post and the only camera moves in the whole movie are pan and scan. edit: for artistic purposes
  13. ???. Yeah and I watched the original version before it. The filmmaker in me had to compare the directing choices. I couldn’t help myself.
  14. I’m watching this movie right now and I would be really impressed by anyone that could give me a good artistic purpose why this movie is pillar boxed to 4:3 for any other reason than being noticeably different. Edit: I feel like whole performances from actors were pillar boxed out of this movie.?
  15. It wouldn't be so bad if they at least masked the letter-boxed area with something. They don't even bother doing that anymore. Just looks like a giant TV. For my projector room I cut strips of foam core, painted them dark brown to match the walls and stick them to the letter-boxed area with clear velcro for 2.39 movies. Much more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion.?
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