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  1. If it were me, I would start with not posting about anything I heard from other people, even if I heard it from five hundred other people. If it were me, I would start by only posting things I've physically dealt with myself and can speak to directly, without any hearsay. I think that might absolve about 90% of certain people's issues. In my opinion.
  2. If you can't substantiate your claim in your own mind, why not research what you're unsure of substantiating in your own mind a little bit before posting it publicly?
  3. Yeah that's probably true. Agencies have been so hard to deal with lately. It really feels like they think everything should be free. Like it should be my pleasure to give them free work. Although they've substituted the word "free" for the word "favor" because that puts the onus on me. "What kind of a jerk doesn't do a favor???" But their intention is to make money off of my "favor". Cutting your neighbors lawn because they have a sprained ankle is a nice favor... but planting an english garden in your neighbors backyard, because they don't want to hire landscapers, is a free job. If you can't tell, I'm struggling with my career right now. 🙂
  4. No, it was totally my fault. (sorry for taking so long to respond to this). The production company didn't anticipate camera movement, because that wasn't the way it was presented to them by the agency long before I was hired. It was my instinct, on the day, to add camera movement to something that was clearly not working according to the agency's initial story boards. It was my idea when I got there. No time or budget to hire anyone else. All me just trying to help fix a problem that the client overlooked...
  5. I like wider shots in general, but not on super wide lenses. Something I remember Adam Frisch (and others) mentioning in the past. I really like a longer lens "wide" shot if there's the space to do it.
  6. I went to the movies three times this year and all three times I saw "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". But I totally understand every complaint railed against that movie. It just didn't matter to me, because I was too busy smiling. I also like hot sauce and chicken, so naturally, I really like buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing... Why am I always comparing movies to food?
  7. I love blue cheese the way I love Quentin Tarantino movies; I find it delicious, but I totally understand that some people might hate it. Taste is subjective and nobody is wrong. 😊
  8. My seven year old son and some neighborhood kids make little movies with an iPad and they call it "filming" a movie. The other day I heard a young medical student in her early twenties refer to someone shooting her with an iPhone to stop "filming" her. I think the term "film" or "filming" regarding shooting any format is going to be around for a while.
  9. That's a good point, thanks Bruce. So if there were an operator there that was paid, then it might be okay for me to jump in, but since no one got the job, I shouldn't have touched the camera. The MC operator is a computer guy and has never touched a "manual" camera, so he wouldn't have done it if I wanted him to. It's a tough situation for me, because I want to be hired by them again and it's hard to explain to people that want a simple close up with very simple camera moves, that they can't have it because the production didn't hire an operator before I got there and nobody other than a hired operator can touch the camera... I'm not sure how to explain that without sounding like I'm telling them they can't eat the dinner they payed for at at my restaurant because I didn't pay someone to pick up their fork. I have to find a good way to explain this kind of stuff if I'm in this situation again. Thanks again.
  10. Last week I was brought onto a commercial fairly last minute to direct the live action portion of a table top commercial. This was a union job, but since I was basically second unit, I had a gaffer, but no DP. There was a motion control set with a MC operator and a dolly set that was supposed to all be locked off, so just one AC. On the dolly set there were several different focal length locked off shots of actors doing different things. The commercial agency story boards included extreme close ups of mouths and eyes, but with the actors still slightly moving around. With the camera locked off in those close ups, the actors quickly moved in and out of frame and it obviously didn't work. We had no operator and the AC was very busy trying to hold these extreme close ups in focus, so I jumped on the camera and operated to keep the action in frame. Again, I was brought in last minute on this job and didn't even know what I was shooting until I arrived in the morning, so the idea of hiring an operator wasn't even something I could have considered if I wanted to. Anyway, later that day I was read the riot act from a camera union guy that I shouldn't have touched the camera cause of the union issues. What was the right thing for me to do in that situation? Thanks.
  11. To further your point, if you're already windowing the area you want to sharpen, then it would likely help to de-sharpen (or pull a little out of focus) everything else even more to make what you want to sharpen "appear" more in focus?
  12. A friend of mine shot a commercial with anamorphic lenses on the Alexa mini framing for 2:40 of a six person family spread out across a big couch watching TV, but he had to shoot 1x1 safe. So the entire family was crunched into the center of the 2:40 aspect ratio And everything outside of the 1x1 was just set dressing. He sent me a screenshot of the monitor. It was hilarious.
  13. I tell people all the time that if I were to shoot a movie now, it would likely be something the majority of people would see on their TVs, laptops, or phones. So as much as I love compositions in the widescreen scope format, I would have to take into account the image real estate, and shoot 16 x 9 for the largest image possible for home viewing.
  14. I totally agree. It seems weird when an artist tries to pigeonhole a specific approach to any part of the craft.
  15. I'm often reminded of Jay Leno on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" when he's talking about how he loved the movie "Gravity" but how so many people online were complaining the space science was all wrong and he said, "You know, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney aren't astronauts either..." Or when Robert Zemeckis was questioning Dean Cundey about where the light was coming from in the cave in "Back to the Future 2" and he said, "Same place the music is coming from."
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