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  1. That’s most impressive. I would work on finding investors for one of those.
  2. I don't mean to discourage. I actually think these hard facts are kind of encouraging. As long as you aren't flat out lying to investors about what they're getting into or knowingly and purposely ripping anyone off, then I think ultra low budget filmmaking is very freeing and possibly really satisfying in terms of creativity.
  3. It's so true. It's always depressing when I watch some obscure indy movie I heard about on a podcast or whatever, and really love it. Because when I do the research, I find out it won a bunch of festivals like four years ago and it took more than five years for the filmmakers to get the movie made. Which means from the time it took writing the script to the time it took the movie to make it's way in front of me, the director could've have gone from their thirties... to their fifties. Then nobody I recommend it to has heard of it.
  4. It can be a tricky balance for sure. I've seen things going the wrong direction, but didn't speak up soon enough out of being polite to a crew I didn't know, because I assumed they were getting to the same place by some different means... then regretting not stopping them, because it all had to be redone. Then other times I spoke up too soon and had to be explained the process to get what I wanted like a dummy. It's a balance. As long as it isn't some crazy OCD condition or an inflated ego, I think a little micromanaging to save time and extra work and ultimately money is fine if we get to the right place in the end. EDIT: ...and of course always being considerate and polite...
  5. I don’t think it’s the same. Gordon Willis always had a point of reference in terms of exposure. There was always something properly exposed to counteract the underexposure. And actually enhance it.
  6. I, for one, absolutely love unsolicited criticism from nonprofessional filmmakers or critics. It totally doesn't annoy me to death.
  7. Nature of the world. Everybody's a critic. If you're too sensitive to it (as am I), filmmaking can be an extremely difficult hobby or career to navigate. It really sucks though. No question about that.
  8. Looks fantastic! And I watched the whole thing which I never do when people post shorts on this website.😊 I’ll second the above comment about the backlit red bags. Great choice. Nice work.
  9. Oh my goodness, are you the same Anne Bauchens that worked with Cecil B. DeMille? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Bauchens
  10. Probably one of the first shots the studio suggested they lose out of the five hour cut.😊
  11. This podcast is bonkers. I listen to a s--t load of movie podcasts and this one has become my all time favorite. I'm a sucker for inside Hollywood books from all decades. I can't get enough of them. Roger and James Deakins are tapping all their well-earned resources to bring an inside look to all of modern studio filmmaking to smalltime folks like me in a way a book could never do. Every episode is more insightful than the last. I really appreciate it, especially in this post-covid world where painting my house is less frightening than going to the grocery store.
  12. I grew up in the Midwest and that green light before a tornado is actually really creepy. There’s a lot of yellow in it too. Like a sunset without the sun. I haven’t seen it for probably 20 years, but it’s a really weird, impending, look that feels like it just washes over everything when you’re outside. Now you got me thinking how I would re-create it. If it were exterior (I see your shot is interior so that’s a little easier), I’m not being very creative, but I can’t think of how else to do it other than shoot in overcast and add an overall green/yellow tint in post. Or maybe a light green filter if you wanted to do it in Camera? But you would obviously have more control about where you want it heavier and lighter if you did it in post. I don’t know. Your shot looks good, though.
  13. I like how he compares everything to food. I feel like that's my only point of reference these days. 🙂 Maybe because almost everything we like or don't like in the world comes down to personal taste? Great discussion. Thanks for posting.
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