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  1. Some of the Cine Reflect Lighting System panels give a linier bounced light, have you seen any materials which give this look? See attached image
  2. Ahh nice, looks a bit like silvered foamcore. I've also found quite a bit of "perspex mirror" and "Vinyl mirror rolls" which could be stuck on to foam core. I also might try applying a matt spray to achieve a different quality
  3. Ahh thanks JD, I wasn't famililar with Mylar looks really useful
  4. Hi Phil, thanks for the reply. Yeah it's not really to achieve a perfect throw as such, a bit of an inconstancy in the mirror would be fine. I need to create a moon glow onto a bed from a window in a cramped small room with no access to outside the window. I'm looking to boom the mirrored material to the window and bounce on a light (setup all inside the room). I’ve found some sticky back plastic mirror stuff on Ebay I’ll give a try
  5. Hi, just wondering if anyone had any tips and tricks / alternatives they used for budget reflected material? Generally I'll use in descending softness: unbleached muslin , polyboard , Ultrabounce , white foamcore , silver floor insulation board , Thermawrap Foil Wrap , lee 273 silver reflector etc I'm kinda looking for more materials to add a bit of a DIY "cine reflect lighting system" Does anyone use any light weight mirror like materials? Cheers
  6. Hi, I'm trying to work out a compared database of photometrics for bebee lights, wendy, maxi-brutes, 18k's etc etc. Is there a generic photometrics calculator / app / website, where you can key in the company supplied photometrics data of each light, then chose to see the reading at your desired distance? Thanks a lot
  7. Great , thanks a lot AJ I'll check these out 🙂
  8. Yeah that's a good channel! I watch that too. I've got all my gels marked up with his method 🤓
  9. Hi, I recently read "Film Lighting" by Kris Malkiewicz which I found very informative, especially the chapter on "lighting on location". David Mullen and other ASC DOP's and gaffers had a ton of tips and tricks to share. Just wondering if anyone had more recommendations along the same lines books wise? I liked the first hand accounts from DOP's and the practical lighting related tips. I do read ASC magazine which also is a great resource. Cheers Jon
  10. Hi, has anyone seen any collections/databases of gel combinations used by DP's for moonlight, sodium vapour, firelight, fluorescent etc etc, along with the camera kelvin settings? Their go to favourites, or particular looks used on films? Every so often there is mention of these in ASC magazine, which is interesting Cheers
  11. Ahh nice I'd not seen those, they are a touch lower wattage than I was looking for but defo better than the ikea ones I've been using. Do you have any recommendations for what to use in china balls if you need a good kit of light? maybe when using battery operated on a pole?
  12. Hi, I'm looking for: High CRI LED 15w or higher e27 & B22 corn type lamps dimmable daylight & tungsten kelvins To be used in chinaballs, and practicals, do these exist? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I've watched a few Youtube ArriChannel ASC master class videos, are there any other databases of these kind of seminars online? or just one-off videos people recommend, mainly lighting based if possible? Thanks a lot
  14. Hi, I'm looking for a similar look to this attached image. Does anyone have a good way to work out what the combination of gels and in camera kelvin which are needed to achieve the warm lamp light vs the cooler green backlight? i.e. an app which you can input the RGB picker info, and it will give you a corresponding LEE filter combination? Alternatively, do you know what the in camera kelvin is likely to be, the kelvin for the lamp light, and what the kelvin and gel for the backlight is likely to be? Cheers Jon
  15. Does a 1/8 Formatt Black Supermist, have the same look as a 1/8 Tiffen Black Pro-mist? It's just that Formatt seem to have stopped making Supermist and I need a replacement. Cheers Jon
  16. Just wondering where you guys find your work mostly? Through directors, producers, production managers etc? And does this differ for music videos, commercials, short films, features? How much is it through referrals vs you approaching them? What do you find best works for drumming up work? a great reel, awards, mass emailing, physical mailers, in person ‘networking’...? Cheers
  17. So are all oil based hazers illegal? Df-50, le maitre, cirro etc?
  18. I'm looking to get a Hazer, probably the "American DJ Haze Generator" (other brand name Antari HZ-100) http://www.antari.com/index.php/web/Products_i/22 but are also weighting up a water based fazer: http://www.antari.com/index.php/web/Products_i/103 I'm more interested in the hazer due to the finer look on screen and slower dispersion. But I'm worried about any health risks or residue covering everything, lenses included, with the oil based hazer. Does anyone find this a problem/issue? I'm not too bothered about fire alarms, as generally we have the option to turn off or cover them. And it would mostly be used in fairly small locations, for 3-4 hours in each. Thanks
  19. For UK : https://www.performance-insurance.tv/ Sorry not sure about USA
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