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  1. Thanks David for this, your advice and time is appreciated 🙂
  2. Hi I recently shot a film which we used a lot of candle light. I lit some studio scenes with tungsten so basically any 'daylight' in the scene was 3200k and the candle light was about 1800k (camera at 3200k). but we also shot some interior location scenes using natural daylight at 5600k with the candle light still 1800k (camera at 5600k). What do you do about a constant like candle light, across a 5600k & 3200k scene? Cheers!
  3. Hi, do any brands of LED fixtures allow for the base kelvin in HSI mode to be adjustable? So at 0% saturated it could be 3200k and not 5600k which is all I can find currently. also, which brands have accurate lee gel settings? Once again with the option for that gel to be added to an adjustable base kelvin. cheers
  4. With a Falconeyes F7 Fold I want to get the equivalent of a Steel Green on a tungsten light , with camera at 3200k . HSL mode you can get the hue in a ball park, then if you desaturate the LED it will ultimately go to about 5600k at 0% saturation.... RGB would just be ages of flicking through RGB combinations and thats if you have no plan to have a brightness option... CCT mode is a separate set of LED emitters , with no option for + or – green. Can someone recommend a different brand of RGB lighting , where you can set your base kelvin, e.g desaturate to 3200k? And accurate LEE filter options? and a CCT mode with + or - green? cheers
  5. Hi thanks for the replies guys. Back to gels then I think! 😅
  6. Hi, I'm new to RGB lights. I'm testing a Falconeyes F7 fold. How do I create the colour of a Lee Steel green gel on a tungsten lamp, using an RGB light? The controls the RGB light has are : R: 0-255 , G:0-255 , B:0-255 H: 0-360° , S: 0: 100 , I: 0-100% I feel the HSI option would be best? as using RGB once you find the colour, brightness changes would need more calculations? Does the info attached from the Lee filter website help at all? Does the 'X' or 'Y' correlate to anything? Thanks in advance
  7. Nice one, thanks Stephen, a cheat book sounds like a good starting point 🙂
  8. Cool thanks guys, I think it probably just comes from experience then. I'll try setting up an 8x8 and 2.5k and take various readings at different distances, and I reckon in theory adding a second 2.5k would just double those readings, another 2 x 2.5k would double again, and so on.
  9. Hi, does anyone know of any 'smart dimmers' really just for practicals under 100w (I'm UK based) So a plug which goes between the power supply and the lights plug, which can allow the on/off function plus dimming of an incandescent bulb or a dimmable LED, via a remote app or handheld device. I'd be keen for it to be affordable. Cheers
  10. Hi just wondering if anyone knows these workings? The reflective characteristics of the material would be required I believe, plus the size of the bounce. What are the rough calculations to work out the distance from the ultrabounce to get a reading of 67lux? (t2 , 25p , iso800) Cheers Jon
  11. Great, thanks for this. Can chargers of a different brand to the battery damage the batteries? I’ve exclusively used the 4 way idx charger with my idx batteries, but bought a smaller hawkswood 2 way charger for its lightweight appeal. One of my batteries is no longer holding a charge. Just wondered if this is possibly related?
  12. Hi I have some v-lock battery which are starting to age. Is there a test which can be performed on them to find out their health? I'm a bit of a noobie to electronics... I have a multimeter which I know how to test their voltage, but thats not entirely helpful! Thanks in advance.
  13. Some of the Cine Reflect Lighting System panels give a linier bounced light, have you seen any materials which give this look? See attached image
  14. Ahh nice, looks a bit like silvered foamcore. I've also found quite a bit of "perspex mirror" and "Vinyl mirror rolls" which could be stuck on to foam core. I also might try applying a matt spray to achieve a different quality
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