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  1. Does anyone know of any blogs, websites etc for "Before & after" shots in big budget features? e.g. examples of straight out of camera Alexa footage , through to the final grade? Thanks
  2. Possibly flame retardant PU coated sail cloth? http://www.profabrics.co.uk/products/pu-coated-polyester-fire-retardent
  3. Sorry to hear that Tyler. Yeah ordinarily I'd just use my insurance, it's just that a few lower budget shorts have come in that I think I'll ask to cover my excess should I need to claim, which I reckon is kinda fair
  4. I've shot a few low budget shorts recently and without questioning they just asked how much my gear was to get it covered under their insurance (www.performance-insurance.tv) That being said they generally don't, and expect me to have it. So for low budget jobs either have a deal for them to pay my excess. Try and get them to insure it. Or get insurance with no excess?
  5. I already have all my equipment insured for at and away from premises, plus public liability. Just wondering if it's common practice for you to get a production to cover it all under their insurance? Hired in insurance for instance
  6. Do you guys use your own insurance or ask for production insurance when bringing your own gear onto jobs? Camera / lenses etc Thanks
  7. Hi, Can anyone recommend any websites similar to these please: http://cinegleaner.postach.io/ http://flagsversusnets.tumblr.com/ Primarily lighting breakdowns Thanks
  8. Yeah thanks, I'll head to my shop and have a look around. I looked into it a bit and believe 'Ripstop" is pretty similar to gridcloth? Do you know the "non film industry" name for ultrabounce?
  9. Hi, Can anyone recommend a material halfway between bedsheets and calico for bouncing? I feel bedsheets are a little blue, possibly due to the cotton being bleached? and calico/muslin/unbleached, is a little too warm, and loses a touch too much light. Something cheap, lightweight, readily available, opaque. Some kinda cheap ultra bounce material? Thanks
  10. Hi, Does anyone know of a deflector plate type design (attached) for a redhead speedring for example, in a video pro Chimera? fresnels/open face heads are always too spotty for my liking even in full flood. And stacking in the baffle and full diff can lose too much light. I have a number of Chimera Mogul lights with the e40 fit long thin style lamps, which protrude out into the softbox, creating a nice soft light from a chimera. Thanks
  11. Hi David, If you were to get one 8'x8' diffusion textile, what would you recommend as the most versatile? Grid cloth / China silk / Artificial silk etc Mainly for use outside. Thanks a lot
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