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  1. Hi, I'm selling a Schneider 35mm f2 Cine Xenon in nice overall condition. Some dust as expected with these vintage lenses, no scratches, smooth mechanics. The front attachment in the photo is currently removed from the lens but will be included. Price:450E incl. shipping & Paypal, item will be shipped from Athens, Greece. Send me a msg with your email for more photos if seriously interested.
  2. Hi, I'm selling my mini set of Zeiss Arriflex primes. These can be adapted to PL, or most mounts out there pretty easily. (or even rehoused, LesBosher does a pretty economical rehouse which preserves the small size and adds PL mount) These are Mk1s with T coating, meaning that they are the same optically as the Mk2 but in late Mk1 housings. Matching serial numbers (if you need them let me know through pm). Price: 4500E Shipping from Athens, Greece (EU). All of them cover S35 easily. The 24mm covers APS-H, the 50mm & 85mm cover full frame. In very nice condition overall, everything works smoothly. They all come with both front/rear caps (currently the "ears" are removed, but they'll be included of course). Notes: Some light cleaning marks in the front optics. Also, the 50mm has a tiny dent in the front, it doesn't affect its operation and you can still use screw on filters (49mm) or step up rings, just something to have in mind. If you have any questions or need extra photos please let me know through pm. I can sell them individually as well depending on the interest. Thank you
  3. Hi, I'm selling a Zeiss Standard speed 85mm T2.1, this is the one with T coating. The lens is in very nice condition, especially considering its age. It covers full frame easily (tested w/ a Sony a7R2), and can be mounted in most cameras through adapters. Price: 1650E The lens will be shipped from Athens, Greece. European buyers preferred, but shipping worldwide. If interested send me your e-mail through pm, and I can send you more pictures. Thank you
  4. Hi, I'm selling a gorgeous Arri Zeiss Standard Speed T2.1 PL mount. I got this lens last year from a retired cinematographer, it was part of his back-up set so it looks like "new old stock", pretty rare. Price: $4500 (4000E) Lens is located in Athens, Greece. I can ship worldwide. I accept Paypal and Bank transfer, although I'd prefer the latter for obvious reasons. If you prefer Paypal you'll have to pay the fees, shipping with next day DHL is on me. - Optically the lens looks extremely clean, no cleaning marks, no dust (I can see 1-2 very-very small particles under close inspection, my CN-Es already have more), no scratches, no fungus. 9.9/10 - Cosmetically the lens is very clean, doesn't even have usage marks on the focus gear. 9.9/10 - Mechanically the lens feels great, smooth focus and aperture. Due to it not have being used in a long time, I'd advise a focus lubrication service at some point just to be on the safe side. 9.5/10 The lens comes with original Arri front cap, and a PStechnik rear PL cap. I can also provide an extra rear black rubber cap if needed. As you can see the lens is in great condition, I can ship it to any reputable technician if you want to have it inspected. I also offer a 3-day inspection and return period, but only within Europe, returns from outside the EU would probably complicate things. I also have a 40mm in similar condition which I will list later, let me know if interested.
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