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  1. i've always been curious about the differences of the final results between something that has been filmed with an 85 filter and something filmed without it, but then colour graded in post. are there any examples/comparisons to watch? hope i am being clear enough
  2. Hi, I am looking for a Beamsplitter and carrying handle for an Arri SR3. Also looking for the video handle as well. Please let me know if you have for sale or where I can find/buy. Thank you
  3. Hi, I am looking to purchase a Cooke 10-30mm T1.6 Please contact me if you have one for sale. Thank you
  4. I am also looking to acquire/purchase a blimp/barney for my Arri SR3 HS. If anyone can help? I was a bit surprised how loud it is at 24FPS. many thanks
  5. Hi there, I have noticed from photos/research of the S16 Optar Illumina lenses, that there seems to be at least four versions made. So far I seen them in the four following colour ways; white and red text/numbers yellow and red text/number green and red text/numbers orange and red text/numbers Does anyone know the history between these different versions? thank you
  6. Yes I tried him as well to no avail.
  7. I emailed him about this a few months ago and he said he could not help.
  8. Hi there, I own an Eclair ACL "1.5" that came without the mount piece needed to use/attach the Kinoptik orientable viewfinder or the Angeneiux viewfinder. Is anyone able to help me find/buy/make this mount piece so I can use my viewfinders? Thank you
  9. Hi there, I am looking to buy a S16 Optar Illumina 8mm lens. Please let me know if you have one for sale. I am located in Australia, however I/we can arrange DHL or FEDEX postage from anywhere. Thank you
  10. Are the Optar Illumina primes available ?
  11. how would it be possible to build a video tap for the ACL in which both a viewfinder and a camera could be used simultaneously? with a prism?
  12. Hi, Looking for the mount piece that enables the Kinoptik viewfinder to attach the Eclair ACL. I bought a Kinoptik viewfinder last year but it did not come with the small mount piece. I have tried emailing several people but have had no luck. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you
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