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  1. I agree that the metabones adapter is nice but I just wanted to offer a bit of advice on it. As the adapter is made of more than one piece it can become slightly loss over time and allow for some play in the lens, so just check and tighten the screws every so often.
  2. I have a set of three Schneider Xenon FF's (35,50,75) that have been serving me very well for the past year (rental and shooting) but I'm planning on building out the rest of the set over the next year (I know that I should have bought the set matched but unfortunately I can't afford that). The problem is that I am having a hard time deciding in what order to buy the lengths. So I thought I'd get a feeling for what would rent out the most. I originally was thinking of picking up the 25 next, then the 100, and then finally the 18. But now I'm starting to think that I may want to pick up the 18
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