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  1. Which gimbal is it? Whatever you end up doing will likely require a bit of soldering. Assuming you have some Canon LP's kicking around, the most straightforward is probably to get one of these LP-E6>12V converters, then convert the barrel plug to whatever power input the Cinegears takes (I think Lemo?) If you have a basic knowledge of soldering it should be fairly simple to rig up a cheaper solution using a generic LP-E6 battery plate and a 12V voltage reg, you'll come up with the same result. The process should also be fairly similar for other batteries (Sony NP's, hobby LiPo's etc) Wh
  2. Apple's long-awaited new MBP's are finally out - LINK. And I think Apple has just made me a Windows user. Thinner, lighter, new display... Touch bar on the top row of the keyboard, 2x bigger trackpad... And ONLY 4x USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) ports and a headphone jack. I'm in need of a new laptop for wrangling, but I'm not going to pay OVER AUD$5000 for a machine that's not functional out of the box. Thoughts? What are other AC's using for wrangling?
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