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  1. Which gimbal is it? Whatever you end up doing will likely require a bit of soldering. Assuming you have some Canon LP's kicking around, the most straightforward is probably to get one of these LP-E6>12V converters, then convert the barrel plug to whatever power input the Cinegears takes (I think Lemo?) If you have a basic knowledge of soldering it should be fairly simple to rig up a cheaper solution using a generic LP-E6 battery plate and a 12V voltage reg, you'll come up with the same result. The process should also be fairly similar for other batteries (Sony NP's, hobby LiPo's etc) Whatever you end up doing I'd recommend doing some weight testing first, because there's no point wasting the time trying to make it work if you can't balance the rig in the first place.
  2. Apple's long-awaited new MBP's are finally out - LINK. And I think Apple has just made me a Windows user. Thinner, lighter, new display... Touch bar on the top row of the keyboard, 2x bigger trackpad... And ONLY 4x USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) ports and a headphone jack. I'm in need of a new laptop for wrangling, but I'm not going to pay OVER AUD$5000 for a machine that's not functional out of the box. Thoughts? What are other AC's using for wrangling?
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