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  1. Hello to everyone, This summer I will go in East Asia to shoot a small documentary, and I will be for one week in the middle of the jungle, my concern is how to charge the camera batteries and how to run the laptop for bump the cards. There is something different to carry an heavy small generator? Thank you in advance. Eloy
  2. Hi Matej, Is still available the lens? I am quite interested your lens, I will shoot a documentary and I would like to use a S16 lens on my FS7 in a crop mode. I used once for a short film with the pocket the Canon zoom 8-64 and I was very happy of that lens. Do you know the difference between the two lenses? How is the condition of your lens? Do you have something that you have shot with the zoom to show me? Thank you in advance, Eloy Zecca www.eloyzecca.com
  3. Yes Tyler the pocket have this noise that looks like the grain, and the sensor is pretty close to S16, I used once with the S16 Canon Zoom 8-64, very nice look.
  4. I would like to shoot in S16, but at this stage isn't possible, a friend is doing his thesis at the film school and I will do the photography using the equipment from the school, trying to do the best with what we have. Looks that the best is Cinegrain but very expensive, then Film Convert, Sapphire form Genarts, ImpulZ from Vision Color, Gorilla Grain. Any suggestions?
  5. I discover the Ultrakam for the IPhone 6, looks interesting.
  6. Hey Adrian, I would like record a better quality then a Iphone codec, for this reason my idea was about an HDSLR or a GoPro, then definitely I can put down the video quality in post.
  7. Hi Dirk, thank you for your suggestions, the short will be in B&W and the mood will be a such kind of austerity neorealism for this I thought that maybe recreate a film stock will be a surplus!
  8. Hi, Any suggestion how to recreate the analog with digital? I mean how to adding a film stock grain such as Kodak 5222 look? Thank you in advance, Eloy
  9. Hi everyone, I will shoot a showreel/short of an actress doing a monologue on a webcam, I think to use a GoPro or just a DSLR with a wide-angle, and on top of the camera the icelight to simulate the cold temperature color of the computer screen. Then in editing add some video and audio imperfections, like video delay, stuck, interference. Any suggestions?
  10. Hi there, Me too I will shoot a short in a couple of weeks for the Sydney Film School, and we will use the Sony F3 with an external recorder for get the ProRes 10bit 422, and if we can the Gemini for the RGB 444. I will shoot in color, watch the field monitor in monochrome as reference and then work on the B&W in post. It's the first time that I will shoot in monochrome, I will appreciate any recommendations and suggestions. Thanks!
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