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  1. Im' just saying that now it can be bought in the French version for a very affordable price. ("only costs", sorry for this mistake). Concerning "cinématographe" it would be translated by "cinema camera" and the book is about notes, reflexions, on the "cinema machine" as a metaphor for the whole art of cinema. Hope you'll find a cheaper one.
  2. Hey, do you by any chance read or speak French ? I'm really astonished by the price of this book in english as it only cost 5 euros in the original French version... I'm gonna look in book shops if I can find it in the English versions though. If I do, I'll send you a message :)
  3. you might want to take advices from this video, it's a masterclass from DP Dean Semler : the use of flicker lights can be very impressive for the "fire effect" you want to have.
  4. Thanks for your comment ! I'll definitely check if I can find the type of LED used or the colour spectre of some old LCD screens.
  5. I've been following this guy's videos for a while now and he's built a few things such as lighting gear for very cheap but nothing I had never seen. In his last video he shows how to build a light panel that aims to simulate a window, from old laptop screen. I really think that this is something that could have many applications for filmakers on a budget. The result seems very soft and close to what you could obtain with very expensive gear. Maybe there is another type of DIY gear that is close to this one but anyway, this is the first time I see something like that and I think it's awesome !
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