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  1. I often use the old modular Arri WRS, with the Alexa mini. It shouldn't be a problem as long as you have the new white antenna. The yellow one is for older cameras as the 416 for example. How much was it? I've been thinking about getting one myself :p
  2. I used to have a Stanley bag: http://www.stanleyimages.co.uk/CatalogImages//7055_prev.jpg Worked great to start out with But could get unorganized pretty quick. Nowadays I have a large arri floor bag on the mag liner and a small arri unit bag as ditty. A bit costly compared to the Stanley but I really like it, and its weatherproof!
  3. Hi! If I'm not mistaken it is a feature to have false color in the viewfinder and without it on the monitor or vice versa. I was baffled by this as well. To solve it I just held the exp button down for a while and it went normal again. Try it out :)
  4. Hi everyone! I will get my hands on the Arri SXU-1 System for the first time and i was wondering a bit about lens data. Is it possible to get lens data to the hand unit with a SMC-1 motor controller or do i have to step up to the WCU-4 system? We are on a budget and i can't afford the WCU-4 and it is not entirely necessary to have the lens data, it would be nice though :P And if anyone used it before, how does it handle? Are the CLM-4 Motor strong? I will be using Zeiss HS mkIII and a LMB-15 mattebox (clip-on). I've hade some issues with heden motors that aren't strong enough to pull the lens barrel, especially in cold weather.
  5. you lucky dogs! Here in sweden it is like mikko said, I often end up drive the camera truck.
  6. Id theft? I just list what kind of license I have, not a picture of it if that's what you mean. At least here in Sweden they be happy to have an Ac who can drive a camera car or small truck.
  7. I do, otherwise it would be kind of sad
  8. Im not much for a crowded resume so I only lost my biggest and most recent gigs, for now I think have 5; 1 tv-series, 1 feature film and 3 commercials. At each one I list the DOP, camera system and lenses. Then I also listed the cameras that I know, my drivers license and a link to an excel with my Ac kit. No education since I don't have any other than carpeting. I'm thinking to do a complete listing with all my gigs just to have in case someone really need to see everything I've done, but I will probably keep it on my computer and send it to them if they ask for it. That's pretty much it, hope it helps :)
  9. I have no experience either with bartech or RT motion but i like the idea that the RT motion system is upgrade able in the way that it supports three channels from the start even if you buy the one motor package. Altough Arri and Preston are industry standard the price is ridiculous. In sweden you can rent it for 100 euros/day so you can rent it for a while before you get up in the range of 10 000 euros. My two cents
  10. Yeah i know, it was that question that got me kind of baffeled :P
  11. Hi! Im working on a feature in sweden and we are going to Ibiza to shoot some scenes. I have some questions regarding Blueshape V-lock batteries, I know that the limit is 160wh. However, the Airline asked me if the batteries contained gel or were dry. Iv'e been looking through blueshapes MSDS and couldn't find anything stating if it were any of that. The rental company doesn't know either. I'm looking into renting all batteries locally for convenience but this was the first time I got that question so I'm thinking it would be good to know in the future. Bonus question: Have long does a blueshape 150 wh battery last with a alexa mini, a tvlogic vfm56 and a teradek bolt? All the best! Simon Bengtsson, 1st AC
  12. I think it looks like a body mount (Just the first result from Google: http://www.gripsbranch.org.uk/supports.php) In a music video I produced years ago we used one with a 5d and a wide lens, rest of the video is shot with Alexa : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aChNySMPpoI
  13. Hey! Think it looks very cool. I agree that it would be nice with some kind of dividers for the big compartment.
  14. Thanks for your answer! Might give them a call later this week :) Do you know if they ship outside spain?
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