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  1. Hi! Since now I was just working with practicals, "being lucky" to catch the light. I want to change this and learn more about diffusion and control of the light, things like position, distance and specifically kind of fabrics like: silk, muslim, grid cloth and all this stuff. Any links, articles or books to get really deep in this topic? Another question is about a lighting setup from one of my favorites commercial DOP (Khalid Mohtaseb), I do really love his work and his treatment of the light. Any insights on how he achieved this light?
  2. can somebody explain about the Cooke Speed Panchros and his story?
  3. Hi guys, Im really wondering how this video was done, has anybody any ideas? Specially btwn 2.40 and 2.50. Thank you guys!
  4. Most of the commercials jobs that Im doing, we dont even use slate. Just jam sync with TC with different equipment like the tentacle sync or the lockit. Whats really the point of using a slate with time code in it? Backup, if the jamming sync fails? Because the Camera cannot really recieve or feed any TC? Hopefully somebody can give some expert advice on that question.
  5. Hi Guys, Next week we are shooting a commercial with one Red Epic and two Sony Alphas 7S MKII. We have direct sound on set. Theres some way to sync the three cameras with the same TC? As well as matching all of them with the sound recorder? I believe that using a Clappboard will do the main job, but syncing by TC will be definetely way faster for the editor.
  6. As Brenton said. Its not worth it at all. Got a lot of problems with this Unit. Instead of the DJI take a look at a german company called Chrosziel. They have a model for lightweight setups, Chorsziel Magnum Mini. It works just wonderful with his CDM-100 motor, and got no problem moving small primes like LDS or Standard Speeds, even with heavy lenses like Anamorphics Hawk V-Lite or Cooke S/i.
  7. Hi Guys, Does anybody knows software/templates/onlinetools... For making checklists? Like the ones that the rentals have, I have one for our equipment, but its a word template and I would like to know from the experts if it's something more professional for this kind of thing. Thanks in advanced!
  8. Hi guys, Somebody can recommend some :Photography, Film, Audio and Visual Industry Trade Fairs in Europe fairs for this 2017 and next 2018. I'm aware of photokina in Germany, any other good and useful fairs? Thank you very much!
  9. Hi Mark, Thank you very much for the explanation and the link!
  10. Hi guys, I was just cleaning the sensor of the A7SII when I saw that a lower aperture you can see all the dirt on the sensor, but if you go up to f1.8 you stop seeing them. Maybe the question is stupid but I'm figuring out why this happens, theres some technical explanation ?
  11. Hi gus I was out for work without internet. Some good webpage to see a summary of the releases of the NAB? Thanks guys!
  12. Hi Guys Really need help on this. First of all I have no idea of gripping so thats why I need a good advice. We need to do a POV. Its a Overhead shot with a Epic Mysterium and a 24mm. The camera needs to tilt down looking to the floor where it will be a pair of shoes, we will throw things at the shoes, like paint, dirt, water... I need advice on how to rig the camera on a safe way, Im gonna make the camera really light, just a photo lens and power up though a DC power Cable, without V-mounts. The camera should be arround 1,70 and 1,80m higher. Any ideas on how to do it? Needs to be really simple and cheap. No Jib, No slider... Thank you in advance
  13. Hi guys we want to invest on a set for pulling focus on gymbal and on handheld. I was thinking on the idea of using a SmallHD702 with a V-mount plate, teradek bolt 300 ,and a DJI focus. (because most of the times we shoot on gymbal) The another idea it was to use the chrosziel magnum mini, with another monitor and with normal batteries like the Sony NPF9 oder BPU. It needs to be a easy setup, nothing really expensive like a Cmotion oder Arri WCU-4. Any experiences and ideas?
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