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  1. Thank's for the advice, yes i think that there will be cases where i'll be more than happy to have that extra power. And there is so many way's for spreading the light it's probably the best choice.
  2. Hi everyone, I need some advices on beam angles and i hope you'll light me up a little bit :D I'll buy my first 2 LED Panels (relatively cheap Apurture Amaran 672) and basically i have 2 options (who cost the same price) : - One model with less brightness, but with a beam angle of 75° - The other one who can output almost 3x more brightness, but concentrated in a much smaller beam angle of 25° I'll use these panels for a lot of different things : short movies, more serious corporate work, music video,... So i wonder : By experience, what solution will be the most versatile for my needs? For me having more power that i can diffuse with softboxes, etc...seems a smarter choice, but the difference in beam angle is huge and i'm scared that 25° will be too narrow for bigger subject, even highly diffused ! I'll buy a third panel when i'll be able to afford it, but for now i'll begin with 2. I'm in the learning process, sorry if some parts sounds "stupid" to you. A big thank's !
  3. Thank you ! It was F4 or F5.6 can't remember exactly, and all indoor shots were wide open. On this lens the 12-30mm range vignett' a bit, so i applied a 1.08 zoom/crop for these outdoor shot ^^
  4. Hi everyone, I just shot a quick test of the old baby, wow i really like that lens ! The range, the sharpness (some of last indoor shots are 120mm and remain well sharp) the colors, how the lens retain light,... With good lighting and color correction i think this glass is really nice ! https://vimeo.com/153527389
  5. Wow really good price yes! But still way too high for me :lol:
  6. Yes, the S16 converted lenses and true S16 lenses are better for sure (i still dream of the Cooke 10.4-52 and Angie 7-81 haha) but damn the price is really out of my budget ! I get this 12-120 for a low price and if it's not the best zoom, he bring a nice organic look to my footage and i really prefer that over a generic oversharp still lens. I've seen mixed quality videos with them too but recently i've read a lot on these old angies and it seems that the overal quality is really depending of the release year and the condition (saw that there were created on more than 25 years from the 60's to 80's). Mine is from 1980 and in great condition, so i guess it's a relatively good one. But yes constant aperture is missing sadly.
  7. To me it's sharp enough for an Ultra Wide Lens, really can't see a sharpness issue here
  8. https://vimeo.com/151565159 Some unused dance footage shot with Angénieux 5.9mm F1.8 (Look in 1080P for best quality) What do you think of this lens?
  9. Hi everyone, After a few months i finally get a bmpcc back! Damn how I've been thinking that sold this gem for bigger cam was a good idea for my tight budget? (Red One MX that i kept one month then re-sold and re-get a bmpcc, yeah stupid idea) So here is a Music Video shot with the BMPCC and 2 Angenieux beautiful oldies, the 5.9 and 12-120. https://vimeo.com/148306968 I LOVE these lenses ! Really the image quality seems outstanding to me, a nice organic feel but retaining a quite high level of sharpness. Particularly the 5.9mm that is razor sharp. When you know that these Angenieux where created from 1960's to 1980's and vary A LOT depending of the release year ( HEC coating, sharpness, color,... ) i had the chance to find two very late optics, the 12-120mm is from 1980 and the 5.9mm is from after 1987 ( check this page and the serial number if you want to know too : http://forum.mflenses.com/angenieux-lenses-by-serial-number-t10297.html) These two were created in the same era that great Canon 7-56mm, Angenieux 11.5-138mm or Zeiss 11-110mm, so the quality of the glass is enough for solid 1080P work (i believe) So tell me what you think of this, it was shot and edited in two days for a Challenge on Vimeo. (I'll post sample frame of both lenses, because some shots are really reallyyy cropped and maintain that high sharpness really a good surprise for me) My page https://www.facebook.com/HardevSinghOfficial/
  10. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Nikon Mount to go with my Red One MX, prefer to find one here in Europe but if you are oversea located, can be possible too. Thank's!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm looking for one of these 16mm lens in PL or Arri Bayonet. Only in Europe. Thank's!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking for one of these 16mm lens in PL or Arri Bayonet. Only in Europe. Thank's!
  13. Still looking for it, or for a very basic package (Brain + LCD + Media + Bricks,...)
  14. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Red One MX brain, but only in Europe(i live in Belgium). Prefer a low hours one, but will consider each offer. Also if you have a non-MX version, you can tell me your price and i'll think about it. Thanks!
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