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  1. Thanks Dom. What got me curious is this recent in-depth article in ASC about THX 1138 where they talk about having to make custom blimps for the CM-3’s and that they shot it all with Nikkor lenses except for a little with an Angenieux 25-250mm. https://ascmag.com/articles/thx-1138
  2. Thanks for the link Mark. I’m just curious if anyone knows if they shot the whole film on Nikkor lenses. Given it and THX 1138 were shot Techniscope, low budget and not far apart I’m inclined to think so, but you never know! One production still only tells so much.
  3. Digging around the archives and internet didn’t surface an answer so I’m putting the question here. It’s documented THX 1138 was shot on an Eclair CM3 and Nikkor lenses and I’ve seen a production still from American Graffiti with Lucas and Wexler around the camera and what certainly looks like a Nikkor lens; one of the cameras was auctioned off not that long ago and it also looks to have a Nikkor lens. Anyone able to shed some light?
  4. Cinegearpro in the UK makes a pretty good remote, I recently got one for mine. You could also look at the pocket 4K in S16 crop. Used prices for both are getting similar and better features on the 4K. I recently got my used BMMCC with a cage and Wooden Camera PL adapter for $400 Canadian, but I feel like I just lucked out.
  5. Hi Ezra, very tempting but too long for my needs. Thanks though
  6. Hi, Looking for an RX version if you have one. I'm in Canada, so must be OK shipping here. Thanks!
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